Where Do I Turn For Professional Legal Help If I’ve Suffered A Car Crash In South Florida?

Traffic accidents occur in the United States at the alarming rate of over 6 million per year. While poor driver decisions – including intoxication and texting while driving – are usually the leading cause of vehicular accidents in our South Florida roadways, very often these accidents are the product of extenuating circumstances, such as poor road conditions or misleading signage. Besides physical injury, long-term rehabilitation and even permanent disability, individuals involved in car crashes may also experience protracted psychological trauma. If you’ve been involved in a vehicular accident, even if it is minor in nature, you may suffer mental stress… Read More →

Save As Much Evidence As Possible If You Are Involved In A Car Crash

Car accidents do happen with alarming frequency, no matter how safely we drive, so it makes sense to be prepared for any eventuality. If you are involved in an automobile accident in South Florida caused by the negligence of others, it is extremely important to try to gather and preserve as much evidence as possible to support your argument. If you have been involved in a car crash, take photos with your smartphone of the car you were driving or in which you were a passenger, the other vehicle and of the actual scene of the accident. If you’ve suffered… Read More →

Texting While Walking More Dangerous Than Texting While Driving

We are all well aware of the dangers and consequences of texting while driving, but the number of injuries suffered by people texting while walking is actually much higher than for those texting behind the wheel. According to a University of Buffalo study, three types of distractions (manual, visual and cognitive) can occur when a person is texting while walking, and these can potentially lead to dangerous mishaps, such as walking into moving traffic, slip and falls, and bumping into walls and other objects, which quite often result in both minor and severe injuries. Texting while walking accidents may not… Read More →

Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime In South Florida

More stringent laws about vehicle safety and driver behavior have succeeded in reducing the number of fatalities in car crashes, but the number of people killed in pedestrian accidents has actually increased in recent years. Pedestrians have a great responsibility in staying attentive at all times and following simple rules such as crossing the road only at the designated crosswalks, but accidents still can occur when they act carelessly, texting or talking on their cell phone or listening to music while walking. Always be as alert and aware as possible when walking in our South Florida streets, as a combination of… Read More →

How Safe Are You On An Airplane?

The answer is: Flying is an extremely safe proposition. While your odds of being involved in a fatal aviation accident are along the lines of 1 in 10 million, your odds of being involved in a road accident, by way of comparison, are only 1 in 100. And flying with the top airlines almost literally doubles your odds for a safe flight. However, aviation accidents do happen, with much more extreme results than road accidents. Aviation accidents are most commonly linked to three primary sources: Pilot error, aircraft mechanical errors, and inclement weather – including lightning strikes, heavy winds, hazardous… Read More →

Stay Safe This Labor Day!

All of us at the Law Offices of Robert J. Fenstersheib and Associates wish you a very happy Labor Day. And we’d also like to remind you that, if you are driving anywhere, this holiday is typically one of the busiest – and most dangerous – travel weekends every year. A couple of tips: Make sure you allow enough time for your trip so you can avoid excessive speed both coming and going. And make sure you are well rested before undertaking your trip and plan in advance for frequent stops along the way. Here are some additional tips for… Read More →

Should I Share Information With The Other Party’s Insurance Company After A Car Crash?

Let’s be clear about this – not only you are not required to talk to the other party’s insurance company if you have been involved in an automobile accident in South Florida, but it is highly recommended that you do not do so. Like any other moneymaking enterprise, insurance companies are primarily looking to protect their own vested interests and profits, and paying out any claim in full is detrimental to their bottom lines. Any conversation with the other party’s agency regarding the accident – no matter how trivial – can provide the agents with information that they can use to their… Read More →

Have You Suffered A Slip And Fall Accident In South Florida?

According to Property Management Standards throughout the State of Florida, property owners are obligated to take due and reasonable care in the proper maintenance of their premises, to ensure the safety of the general public. Should any hazardous conditions exist, property owners must make visitors aware of all the possible dangers, via proper signage, so that their patrons can avoid the risk of slips or falls. While Slip and Fall Accidents are extremely common, the laws covering these types of mishaps are complex, with many issues requiring full and complete analyses before fault can be clearly assigned and liabilities properly… Read More →

What Is Probate And How Can It Affect Me?

Probate is the legal process, following a person’s death, whereby the accurate compilation of the decedent’s assets, notification of creditors, payment of liabilities, and distribution of the remaining assets to rightful heirs are properly ensured. If you have suffered the loss of a family member, the word “probate” is probably just another of the myriad details with which you are forced to deal at this difficult time in your life. While certain items – such as jointly held property and non-taxable gifts made not exceeding $11,000 during the deceased’s lifetime – are not subject to probate, the legal process largely… Read More →

Reflections On The 4th Of July

As we celebrated another glorious Anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, I once again reflected on my immense pride in our great nation and in my wonderful career as an attorney. It is important on every 4th of July to remember that many of our country’s forefathers were lawyers. Four of the five members of our first Continental Congress entrusted with developing the Declaration of Independence were lawyers – Roger Sherman, John Adams, Robert Livingston and Thomas Jefferson. Two of them, Adams and Jefferson, went on to become Presidents of our county. And James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution”… Read More →

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