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An Overview Of Serious Workplace Accidents

Serious workplace accidents are inevitable, especially if the employers fail to take safety precautions or provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Both employers and business owners have a legal obligation to report accidents on the premises. They may also be required to compensate for damages to which the injured worker is entitled.

Business owners must always report and keep records of work-related deaths, diagnosed industrial disease instances, serious injuries experienced by workers and other dangerous occurrences in the workplace.

Injuries caused to the employees that should be reported include: amputations, broken arms, ribs or legs, unconsciousness due to the accident, other illnesses which requires the victim to be hospitalized for more than 24 hours, and any injury that hinders the employee from doing their work for more than seven days.

Serious injuries are often encountered by workers employed in transportation, manufacturing, mining and construction. Though efforts were made to improve workplace safety, accidents still happen. This is why workers should consult expert lawyers to handle their case.

Workplace accidents happen for various reasons and include falling and/or working on slippery surfaces. To prevent slip and falls, you should check the area and make sure that spilled liquids are immediately cleaned. Supplies that are stored improperly can also cause serious injuries, especially when these supplies contain toxic chemicals.

Workers must also take extra care in storing these supplies.

Flying debris and fires or explosions due to negligence in handling gases, flammable liquids and other hazardous materials will most like lead to serious injuries. Business owners should monitor the safety of the whole area before designating workers to those areas.

Auto accidents are noted as the leading cause of work-related deaths. This is why drivers are always reminded to focus their eyes on the road and avoid multi-tasking.

If you are handling heavy equipment, such as backhoes, graders, forklifts or bulldozers, you should know how to get the full control of the equipment to ensure safety in the area. Protective gear and intensive training must also be given to those assigned in handling machinery to avoid injuries.

When faced with such instances, always have emergency medical supplies on hand. Any injury should also be reported in writing to the owner or people in charge.

Other pertinent information and accident evidence is necessary when pursuing a lawsuit. Serious workplace accidents in South Florida are represented by our firm. We have lawyers with vast experience on such cases who can review the accident and ensure the responsible parties are held liable.

Our lawyers know your rights as a worker. Knowing how to seek justice for injuries will not only help you in obtaining fast recovery. It is also a way to protect your family.

Attorney Robert Fenstersheib

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