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Walking And Jogging Can Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Walking and jogging are the most common forms of exercise as a means to better fitness and health, but it is important to ensure that proper safety measures are followed. Wearing reflective gear and having the proper walking or running shoes can make a big difference. In addition, looking out for traffic and being aware of your surroundings, by loo...Read More

Slip-And-Fall Injury Compensation Attorneys – Know What’s Fair And How To Get It

What To Do After A Florida Slip-And-Fall Accident? Florida is a popular destination, whether for a year-round home in Jacksonville or Sarasota, a winter oasis of warmth in Tampa or Orlando, or just the annual family vacation in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and beyond. It’s also a major economic hub, where thous...Read More

Did Another Driver Just Cause Your Car Accident In Florida?

A 5-Step Guide For Florida Car Accidents Each year, tens of thousands of car accidents happen in Florida. From West Palm Beach to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and beyond, the Sunshine State is bustling year-round. Some drivers are headed to business meetings, some are hurrying home for the day, and others are vacationing, which means they’re ev...Read More

FLG 2022 Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

The Fenstersheib Law Group’s 2022 Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway Was A great Success. Special thanks to Hallandale Mayor Joy Cooper, Hallandale Police Athletic League (PAL) and all our volunteers! ...Read More

Injured On The Job In Florida?

Eight Things You Need To Know You work hard for your money. You should be protected while you’re at it. The good news is, you are. Under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, almost every injury sustained while on the job will be covered. Unfortunately, far too many people in Florida never get the workers’ compensation they’re entitle...Read More

Third-Party Claims: Bridging The Gap Between Workplace Injuries And Workers’ Compensation In Florida

Every year, tens of thousands of Floridians file a workers’ compensation claim after suffering a workplace injury. With very few exceptions, Florida’s workers’ compensation laws cover every type of injury that occurs while an employee is “on the clock,” even if the injury was sustained because the employee breached company policy or pr...Read More

Stephanie Fenstersheib Personal Injury Attorney

Stephanie Fenstersheib of Fenstersheib Law Group in Hallandale recently completed a 30-mile mountain spartan race. It was a tough 14-hour race on steep terrain. Still, the personal injury lawyer pushed through to the finish line. That tenacity carries over into her professional life too she never gives up. Fenstersheib Law Group's main goal is h...Read More

Are Insurance Companies Really Working In Your Best Interests?

Insurance companies are mainly interested in protecting their own interests and bottom lines, and paying out any claim in full is detrimental to their bottom-line. So when dealing with insurance companies, it’s important to understand how they work, so you can get a significant settlement. Simply stated, insurers make money in part by denying...Read More

Robert David Fenstersheib Personal Injury Attorney

For Robert David Fenstersheib of Fenstersheib Law Group, practicing personal injury law is a family business. He goes above and beyond to carry on the legacy of his late father, who began the practice more than 39 years ago. Every client that he and his sister, Stephanie Fentersheib, who is also a personal injury attorney, meet gets treated with in...Read More

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