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How Is The Viability Of A Talcum Powder Lawsuit Determined?

If you, or someone you care about, used talcum powder for genital dusting for at least four (4) years and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, please contact our law firm for a free and confidential consultation of your claim. However, we would need to review the specifics of the case to determine its viability.

Is There A Statute Of Limitations On The Talcum Powder Lawsuits?

The statute of limitations is different for each claim, based mainly on state of residence, state of usage (if different), when the cancer was diagnosed and when you knew there might be a correlation with talcum powder. However, we would need to review the specifics of the case to determine its viability. Therefore, we urge you to contact us immediately so we can ensure to bring your claim in a timely fashion.

How Long Can A Talcum Powder Lawsuit Potentially Take To Resolve?

The litigation is still in its infancy, so this hasn’t been determined yet. The timeline for this type of litigation varies greatly. Some cases can resolve in a year, while others can last for over ten years. In general, these cases usually take several years to resolve. A number of factors influence the compensation for these claims, including, but not limited to, type of talcum powder, length of usage, severity of injury, age, health prior to the cancer and state of residence.

There have only been a couple of bellwether trials as of yet in this litigation, so we cannot give any estimation of valuation for these cases. In addition, each claim will be different based upon the patient, the severity of their injuries and the state in which they live.

Why Have Settlements For IVC Filters And J&J Talc Cases Not Been Paid Out On These Claims?

As with any litigation, the settlement process can be arduous. However, you must protect your opportunity to file a claim before deadlines expire. The manufacturers are not admitting liability and we will have to sue them for these defective products. An attorney is needed to file a lawsuit and prove causation between your IVC filter or the use of Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder and any injuries you may have incurred. Contact the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. for a no cost consultation to find out more about your legal rights and to file an IVC or Johnson & Johnson Talcum powder case.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling My Talcum Powder Claims?

We fit all the necessary requirements for the type of law firm that you want handling your claim. In addition, we are particular about the types of litigation that we handle and only take on cases that we believe have a strong foundation. We do not treat our clients like they are just a number and limit the amount of clients that we take so we can retain a personal one-on-one relationship with each one. We value our clients and aim to always make sure to walk them through the process and hold their hands every step of the way. In addition, we have had 38 years of experience with federal MDL mass tort litigation, with a number of large, successful verdicts.

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