1. What Is Invokana?

Invokana is one of the newest SGLT2 inhibitor oral medications, which are supposed to help individuals with Type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar. The generic form of Invokana is canagliflozin. The manufacturers claim that this drug should be used in combination with diet and exercise in order to maintain a healthy blood sugar. The medication was created by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, and was put on the market under a license by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is a Johnson & Johnson company.

  1. What Is Invokana Used For? 

This oral Type 2 diabetes medication works differently from a lot of other glucose control drugs. Instead of working on insulin production like most other traditional diabetes medications, Invokana targets the kidneys by aiding them in stopping the reabsorption of glucose in the body. This then allows sugar to pass through the urine instead of the kidneys.

  1. What Problems Have Been Linked To The Use Of Invokana?

There have been several reported side effects of using Invokana. Some of them include issues with dehydration, an influx of potassium in the body, infection of the genitals, diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, bone abnormalities and fractures, abnormal weight loss, and even kidney cancer.

  1. Is There An FDA Warning On Invokana?

The FDA issued a Drug Safety Communication warning on May 15, 2015. They stated that Invokana, as well as other diabetes medications of the SGLT2 inhibitor type, had been linked to diabetic ketoacidosis. In the span of a year, at least 20 patients who treated themselves with these types of diabetes medications were diagnosed with a case of DKA.

  1. What Is Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

Diabetic ketoacidosis is one of the top side effects that were reported while using Invokana. In fact, over 20 cases were reported to the FDA in the span of just a year for Invokana users. Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when there is a high build-up of ketones in the blood stream. Having too many ketones in the blood can be poisonous to the body, and can lead to organ failure, heart attack, diabetic coma, or even death.

  1. Has There Been A Recall?

Invokana has not been recalled, either at the consumer or pharmaceutical level, at this time. This means that the possibly dangerous drug is still being prescribed to millions of individuals with diabetes nation-wide. The investigation surrounding the safety (or lack thereof) of the drug is still in the early stages. Much more time and money will need to be spent before all the facts about the potential harmfulness of the medication is found out.

  1. Have Lawsuits Been Filed?

The first lawsuits against Invokana were filed in mid-2015. However, to date, no settlements have been offered by the company. That is not to say that claims will not be paid out in the future though. Our firm is always taking cases from individuals who have been injured as a result of using a faulty medication that was put out on the market with the claim that it was safe to use.

  1. Is There A Time Limit To File A Claim? 

Per the statute of limitations, you have 4 years from the time your injuries came about to file a Product Liability claim in the state of Florida. If you think you may have been injured as a result of using Invokana to manage your Type 2 diabetes, your best bet is to act now and schedule a free consultation with our law firm in order to protect your rights.

  1. Has There Been A Settlement? 

To date, the manufacturer of Invokana has not offered any settlements yet. Additionally, no class-action lawsuits have yet been filed. However, we predict that in the future, the makers of Invokana will be paying out claims to affected patients. Therefore, we recommend acting on filing your claim now to get a head start on recovering what you may be legally entitled to.

  1. How Do I Know If I Have An Invokana Claim, And How Would I Begin?

If you or a loved one think you have been injured as a result of utilizing the Invokana drug, you should act right away. Contact one of our experienced Product Liability claims attorneys for a free consultation, so we can discuss your situation and examine the evidence to determine if you might have a viable claim against the manufacturer.

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