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Category : Slip And Fall Accidents

Slipped And Fell? Don’t Slip Up Your Personal Injury Case

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Pursuing A Settlement More than one million people sustain injuries in a slip-and-fall accident every year in the U.S., and about 17,000 people die from those injuries. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are preventable, occurring only as the result of someone else’s negligence. In fact, slip-and-fall accidents are a leading cause of preventable injury-related deaths… Read More →

Top Six Most Common Slip-And-Fall Hazards

It can happen when you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood, shopping the aisles in your local grocery store, or socializing with friends and family at a backyard barbecue: slipping, falling, and getting injured. Each year, over one million people require medical treatment due to a slip-and-fall incident, and roughly 30 percent of those people sustain severe injuries. This can… Read More →

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