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Hit By Car On Private Property

Car Accident Q & A – “I was hit by a car while I was walking in the parking lot of a gas station. What should I expect when I file a lawsuit? How long will it take?”


I parked my vehicle at the gas pump and then walked into the convenience store to pay for the gas. I stopped and waited for two cars to drive by. A man waived for me to walk, so I began to walk. After I had taken three steps, the driver hit the gas, turned right and hit me. It happened quickly, and he hurt my shoulder. I freaked out after the accident. I contacted the police, but they told me there was really nothing that they could do because the incident occurred on private property. They told me the only thing that they could do was file an accident statement for me.


We are truly sorry to hear that this happened to you. Remember that you have rights after a car accident. Statements were taken, but regardless of what was said at the time, stories often change. It is important to note that you have up to two years to file a complaint after the accident. You should also consider whether there were any other people who witnessed the accident. Witnesses can help you build your case.

Because this incident occurred at a gas station, there may be a video recording of the accident. A video recording of the accident can provide additional evidence. However, you will have to act quickly. Video recordings and witness statements may be discarded. You do not want to wait too late because there is a statute of limitations that applies. Most people will not want to get involved after the statute of limitations has expired.

Your best bet is contacting a car accident lawyer in Phoenix. An attorney will thoroughly review your case and determine whether the driver can be held responsible for the accident. A car accident lawyer Phoenix can also help you get compensated for your injuries.

There is really no way to give you an exact time frame of how long this process will take. Things can arise that will make a case very unpredictable and complicated. There are some cases that get resolved quickly. Others take years to resolve. However, the sooner you get a complaint on file, the better. Your attorneys will do everything that they can to get your case resolved as quickly as possible. Contact Cantor Crane at (602) 254-2701.

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