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Hurricane IRMA Nursing Home Deaths and Nursing Home Abuse

8 Dead After Hollywood Hills, Florida Nursing Home Left Without Power Following Hurricane Irma

Hollywood, FL: At least 8 deaths have been reported at the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, a nursing home in Southern Florida, after a portion of the facility was left without power following Hurricane Irma. Several other residents have also been injured as a result. The deaths and injuries seem to be caused by heat exhaustion and other related issues. The facility residents were forced to live in the hot weather conditions without any access to air conditioning or other type of cooling system. Unfortunately, the consequence of this gross negligence was the death of several residents. There is also a long history with the Agency for Healthcare Administration regarding this facility previously being issued several citations and complaints within the short two years that the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills has been licensed.

These types of wrongful deaths are often a result of poor oversight and negligence on the facility’s part. These deaths are many times preventable with proper care for the facility and residents. If you or a loved one have been affected by this or a related incident, you may have a valid wrongful death or negligence claim. Call or contact us now so that we may evaluate your case and advise you accordingly.

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