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Mission Statement

Our Goal:

The TellRobert Foundation’s goal is to bring awareness to the prevalence of mental health disease and drug abuse in our community, especially among young adults.

Our Purpose:

The TellRobert Foundation’s purpose is to raise money for those organizations in our community who are involved with outreach and awareness programs to inform the community about the severity of mental health and drug addiction. Our Foundation was started because Attorney Robert J. Fensersheib’s son Michael, who suffered with mental illness and drug addiction, were both tragic victims of Michael’s illness.

Making A Difference:

If our TellRobert Foundation can help organizations bring awareness to this growing drug and mental health crisis, and we are able to help at least one young person, then our mission has been accomplished. We may not be able to help save all the youth in the world but it will change the world for the youths that we are able to help through our support.


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