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An Overview Of Personal Injury

Personal Injury Hallandale

Information you need to be aware of regarding Personal Injury in Hallandale Beach

Contrary to popular belief, a personal injury is not only physical. Damage to the mind and the emotions of a person are also regarded as personal injuries. So, both physical (body) and non-physical (mind and emotions) fall under the category of personal injury.

Personal Injury Statistics:

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), annually in the United States, as a result from personal injuries, there are:

Personal injuries caused by accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 35. They are also ranked the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S. above suicides and even homicides.

For the state of Florida, it is reported that accidental and violent injuries are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 45. Sixty-seven out of 100,000 residents die each year from personal injuries that are preventable in the first place. Causes include drunk driving, not wearing a motorcycle helmet, drug overdose, falls and domestic violence.

Personal Injury Damages:

If your personal injury is proven to be the fault of someone else, you are entitled to compensation for all the expenses that the accident caused you. These include:

Common Causes of Personal Injuries:

There are countless things that can cause personal injuries. And of course, there are some factors that cause them more than others. The top 5 most common causes of personal injuries are:

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Slip and fall accidents account for 15% of all accidental deaths in the U.S. These can occur anywhere – at home, work, grocery stores, outdoors, etc. The most common injuries that result from slips and falls are head injuries (traumatic brain injury), neck, back and spine injuries (slipped discs), and bone and joint injuries (broken bones and torn ligaments).

In the U.S. 2.35 million people get injured or permanently disabled as a result of car accidents. Crashes can occur even if you are extra careful, since you depend on the awareness and skills of other drivers. Personal injuries that result from this type of accidents are neck injuries (whiplash), spinal injuries (broken vertebrae) and internal injuries (broken ribs or punctured lungs).

Non-fatal workplace injuries are reported to have reached over 3 million. More than 4,000 end up in a fatality. Those who are lucky are left with lifting injuries (slipped disks), repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome) and misuse of equipment injuries (falling from unstable ladder).

More than 52,000 bicyclists get injured in motor vehicle crashes, most of them, to no fault of their own. Personal injuries that result from these accidents include head injuries (concussions), bone injuries (broken arms, legs, ankles, etc.) and abrasions or lacerations (severe bleeding and soft tissue injury).

More than 38.5 million people in the United States look for medical help after getting consumer products-related personal injuries each year. These injuries can be medication injuries (misuse of drugs), injuries from equipment (various products can backfire accidently) and insufficient labeling (not enough instructions on the label of the product may lead to accidents).

Personal Injuries near Hallandale:

To summarize, personal injuries occur in a variety of scenarios and areas. Injuries at work, for example, also include work-related illnesses caused by working with asbestos and/or psychological illnesses due to stress.

Traffic accidents, highway construction accidents, product liability, unsafe paving stones, and animal bites can all trigger personal injuries as well. Errors in hospital treatment and harassment in the workplace can also be grounds for a lawsuit.

This law firm is committed to provide representation as well as advocacy for injured victims, helping them know their rights and claim the right compensation, to which they are entitled. Our experienced and expert lawyers have successfully helped many clients in South Florida get their awards for monetary damages, which comprise the medical costs, expenses, anguish and lost income of the victim.

Once you have decided to file a complaint, you can schedule consultations with our lawyers, contact local government, your employer if you were injured in your work area, the police, school and other educational institution and health service institutions such as hospitals.

Personal Injury Compensation:

There are also a lot of ways for you to get compensation for your injury. You can either use a claims assessor or take legal action in a civil court. Our lawyers can guide you in getting the right compensation from an accident.

Since personal injury lawsuits can be quite complex, you should get in touch with people who have the right knowledge to win your case and are forceful enough to fight for your rights.

This firm has skilled lawyers who can take legal action on your behalf, in a timely manner, since in any personal injury claim there are specific statutes of limitation.

Attorney Robert Fenstersheib

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