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Florida Hurricane and Wind Damage Claims Lawyer

Hurricane and wind damage claims

The hurricane and insurance claim lawyers at the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. are experienced in helping their clients get the best possible results.

Hurricanes and Wind Damage Claims in South Florida

Hurricanes and tropical storm damages in Florida are a common occurrence. Serious tropical storms and hurricanes directly hit the southern Florida area approximately once every two years. Sustained winds of 110 mph are not uncommon with these types of storms. These strong winds, rain, and flooding can cause severe damage to homes.

Common Types of Storm Damage Coverage

Before filing for a damage claim case, check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered.

All standard insurance policies cover damages done by tornadoes, windstorms, hurricanes, hailstorms, and floods.

Hurricane, Wind and Flood Damage

High winds are probably the most common cause of destruction from tropical storms and hurricanes. Roof damage is very widespread in the wake of powerful storms. In some cases, structural damage results from strong winds. Also, excessive rain often causes flooding, which can occur quickly and cause a great deal of damage to both homes and vehicles.

Hurricane Warnings

It’s important to take hurricane and tropical storm warnings seriously. While damage to your home can be repaired, loss of life cannot.

Always take the necessary precautions to keep your family safe. If possible, take refuge in a local area that is designated as a hurricane shelter. Keep copies of important records, including your insurance policy, in a safe deposit box away from the home. Also, keep food and other supplies on hand in case you lose electricity.

Damage from Hurricanes and Storms

Several forces can cause damage to your home and property, including:

Your home, property, and vehicles may be harmed as a result of these natural events. Even a relatively mild storm can cause damage, depending on its path.

Attorney Robert Fenstersheib

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While your first thoughts may be to clean up the mess in your home, don’t act immediately. Take just a few minutes to photograph the damage, before it’s been cleared away. These photos will be immensely helpful later, after the water has receded and the damage has been repaired. At that point, it will be more difficult to show the extent of the harm.

With storm damage prevalent in South Florida, homeowners should be aware of potential scams involving storm and flood damage repairs. Always get a written estimate, and check the company’s background.

Also, don’t give cash to anyone as a down payment for services. This is a common scam – the alleged repair company may take your money and never return.

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Include as much information as possible when filing a damage claim. After a storm, insurance companies are overloaded. If a claim is incomplete, they may come back to you for further details, which will significantly slow the process.

Also, include the insured name and address, policy number, date and time of the occurrence, and a brief description of the event. If police, fire, or other emergency responders were involved, include those details as well as a police report (if one was made.) You may also be able to make a claim or case with one or more of the utility companies, in addition to your insurance provider.

When filing flood and windstorm damage claims, look for any sign of damage, even damage that might not be immediately visible. Much water damage could be deep inside the walls, or roof, of your home. This will cause problems later on and could reduce the value of your home.

Other losses may be quite severe and require extensive repair. Construction experts, surveyors, and loss professionals are essential in assisting with damage assessment. Your lawyer should also be prepared to gather the necessary information to get the claim results that you, and your family, deserve.

Remember: when filing for an insurance claim, most state laws prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies in “Act of God” storm damage situations.

Hurricane and Wind Damage Claim Negotiations

Speak to an experienced hurricane damage claims attorney before filing an insurance claim. Many people simply send in a claim and wait for a check. Once a check arrives, it is often a much lower amount than they anticipated.

What’s worse, with most insurance claim checks, if you sign and cash the check, you are accepting full payment. This means you will not be able to negotiate further.

For this reason, do not accept a claim check until first reviewing the situation with an experienced attorney. Also, avoid making any negotiations with the insurance company.

Your lawyer will be able to review your insurance policy, analyze the damage, and evaluate the claim. With this information, your attorney will be better able to discuss the proper claim amount with your insurance company. In addition, your lawyer will also be able to assist in determining whether you have a legal case that should be pursued.

The lawyers at The Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. are experienced in handling all types of hurricane, wind, storm, and flood damage cases.

If your family has suffered losses due to a storm, we can help.

Contact The Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. today at 800-835-5762 & 954-456-2488 to speak to a knowledgeable attorney. We are here to help you get the results you deserve to move forward after this type of tragic situation.

Attorney Robert Fenstersheib

Get your questions answered - call us for your FREE consultation at 800-835-5762 & 954-456-2488

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