Slipping And Falling Personal Injury Claims

Many people believe that vehicle accidents, medical malpractices, and wrongful deaths, among others, are the accidents that are more prone to happen. Slip and falls don’t usually come to the mind of a person, but people fail to see that the probability of suffering a serious injury that comes from a slip and fall is just as likely as the other injuries mentioned above. Slip and fall accidents bring many dangers. Suddenly, a person is walking, and next they have fallen — breaking their hip.

Slip and fall accidents are the main reason for emergency room visits every year throughout the United States. Studies have revealed that there are about 8 million slip and fall cases that reach the emergency room each year, according to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). Out of those 8 million cases, 2 million of them are associated with flooring problems. Additionally, half of all home accident deaths are caused by slip and falls and each year an elderly over the age of 65 has a 1/3 probability of slipping and falling.

Slipping and Falling poses a great deal of danger to anyone who encounters that predicament. Injuries can be minor, but they can also be catastrophic in nature.Some of those injuries include head injury, brain trauma, broken bones, fractures, strains, among others. Unfortunately, the victim does not only have to worry about their injuries and the long recovery process they may have ahead, but they have to also worry about the medical expenses and financial burden that this accident can leave them with.

Slip and Fall Common Areas

A person can slip and fall anywhere, but at Percy Martinez Personal Injury Law firm, the lawyers have seen these causes as constant occurrences for slip and falls:

The slip and fall cases are present in Percy Martinez Law firm as part of their daily routine. Slip and falls are very common.Violating safety codes and having dangerous pathways can be a determining factor in a slip and fall case. If it was found that there was negligence involved that caused the slip and fall, then the party responsible would be held liable for that hazardous situation.

Slip and Fall Attorneys At Percy Martinez Law firm

Those most commonly known to be held liable for slip and falls accidents are property owners. There may be other party’s that could be held accountable for the damages. With a Miami personal injury lawyer from Percy Martinez Law firm, they could assist in determining what other parties are responsible for paying for the damages of the victim. The sooner an attorney is hired, the sooner an investigation can take place and the faster the case will become settled.

The firm is devoted to their clients and is always there to assist them. They fight for the recovery of the victims and are present throughout their healing process. They are just a number away: (305)529-0001.

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