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How Important Are Witnesses In These Cases?

How Important Are Witnesses In These Cases?

As with any legal procedure, the statements of unbiased observers are of major importance in establishing fault in a court of law. Our attorneys can utilize these statements to “reconstruct” the accident and ascertain where the fault lies.

How Does One Begin The Claim Process?

If you have been injured in a truck accident, the first thing to do in a claim process is to contact a reputable experienced attorney who you can trust, and who will give you the representation you deserve.

With more than three decades of handling truck accidents, we have the best and most experienced truck accidents lawyers in the state of Florida. We have helped many victims of large commercial truck crashes to recover all types of damages.

What Is the Timeframe To File A Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawsuit?

In the State of Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a suit in a truck accident is four years.

Who Are All Possible Liable Parties?

All possible liable parties in a trucking accident include the truck driver, the owners of the trucking company, the truck manufacturer (if the truck had defective parts deemed unreasonably dangerous), a third-party maintenance company, and even the city or municipality where the accident took place. This is provided, as long as the fault does not reside with the driver of the other vehicle.

Can I Also Sue the Driver Of the Vehicle Separately?


If The Driver Was An Independent Contractor, How Might That Complicate The Claim?

In most cases, money awarded in a truck accident settlement is the responsibility of the insurance company. However, one major complication that could arise is if the truck driver was an independent contractor with inadequate insurance.

What Are The Biggest Challenges Someone Might Face After An Accident Like This?

There are two major types of challenges facing those who are injured in a truck accident. One is the severity of the injuries and the length of recovery. The other is the fact that the injured party may be facing large and well-funded professional entities, such as the trucking company and its insurance company.

If I May Have Been Partially At Fault For the Truck Accident, Can I Still Win the Lawsuit?

Under Florida’s pure comparative negligence standards, you may be entitled to compensation, even if you were deemed partially at fault in the cause of the accident.

What Rights Do I Have As A Spouse Or Loved One Of Someone Who Was Killed By A Trucking Accident?

Since the deceased can no longer provide his or her spouse or family member with the same love, affection, companionship and comfort as before the accident, the spouse or family member can make a claim for those losses. He or she is entitled to receive adequate compensation.

What Damages Can I Recover In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, repairs or restitution of your vehicle, and any time missed from work, as well as any loss of earning capacity that resulted from the accident.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Experienced Attorney For A Trucking Accident Claim?

The success of any truck accident lawsuit requires fundamental knowledge of Florida’s state and federal trucking laws. The truck accident lawyers at Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A have the necessary in-depth understanding of these regulations. They possess the resources to professionally investigate your claims.

We have exceptional knowledge of safety regulations, possible driver impairment, and vehicle maintenance issues. For three decades, we have helped victims of large commercial truck crashes recover the compensation they deserve for their losses, pain, and suffering.

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