Experience. Nothing can replace experience when it comes to giving you the valuable representation you deserve.

Another thing to look for is the size of the firm – do they have enough support staff to follow up on administrative work? Is there more than one litigating attorney?

Many times, after the office is closed to the general public, Attorney Robert J. Fenstersheib and his associate attorneys have sat and brain-stormed well into the night, shooting ideas back and forth and having mock trials, making sure that every possible event that may come up in a claim’s litigation is not only anticipated but addressed prior to trial.

Make sure the firm you retain to represent you is large enough to have multiple people reviewing your case – multiple heads are always better than one.

If you need answers to More Questions in a Personal Injury Case, call the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A., now for a FREE initial consultation at 800-835-5762 & 954-456-2488 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

At the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A., we don’t take a fee unless you make a recovery. This is called a contingency fee – our charging you a fee is “contingent” upon you receiving a settlement. So if your claim does not settle, you walk away and owe us nothing for our services.

If your claim does settle, we will take our fee directly out of the settlement itself, and the details will be clearly listed on your settlement statement, along with the case costs. Should you decide to retain our firm, the fee that you will owe our firm for representation upon settlement of your claim is clearly listed in the retainer agreement.

One thing people often neglect, which may inadvertently hamper their claim, is telling their attorney all the details of the incident, or all the details about a prior injury, because they feel the specific details are unimportant or unrelated.

Attorney Robert Fenstersheib always tells his clients, “You can Tell Robert anything.” So, make sure to definitely tell us everything, and let us decide which details are important to your case or not – that’s what we’re here for!

It is vital that you tell us every detail about your accident, and any prior accidents or prior injuries. Why? Because if we know about any prior accidents/injuries we can address those issues before they actually become a problem.

If we DO NOT know about it, and the defense does know, that information will give them the upper hand. That’s why you must tell us everything about your medical past and the details of your accident.

Another commonly left-out detail is that sometimes people are at work when they have an accident. This is crucial, as it can define whether or not you have a workers’ compensation claim, a negligence claim, or both. Therefore, it is very important to let us know if you were working when your accident happened.

Most people’s main concern is about their health, and if their pain will ever go away. The second most common concern is how long will it take a claim to reach its conclusion.

“I completely understand and empathize with my clients about their health concerns; however, I do not have medical training and cannot give medical advice,” explains Attorney Robert Fenstersheib. “These questions must be directed to your treating physician and documented in the records attached to your claim.”

How long does it take for a claim to come to its conclusion? There is no set answer to this question because each claim is unique and individual. Some factors that impact the length of a claim will be the extent of the injury, the amount of medical care needed, and whether or not the claim goes into litigation and/or trial.

Many claims can settle within a year’s time, and many claims will take longer depending on the incident, the establishment of negligence, and the medical treatment involved.

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