“I have known Robert Fenstersheib for many years and I like working with him because he has great class and style. He is calm and really listens to his clients and shows respect. Robert is a great communicator as well as his staff.”

Angeleta B.

“They are a class act and that’s why I chose to use them again. I have only great things to say about the entire Law Firm. I was very satisfied with my first case and now I am again. They know how to do things in a timely manner and get it done right.”

Reginald M.

“I had the pleasure of working with Robert and the staff. They were honest which I appreciated and very straight to the point, they never beat around the bush. I don’t like to waste time and my time was never wasted. They did wonderful work for me and I have used them a couple of times. They are reliable and kept me updated during the process.”

Cody U.

“I would recommend them, they are very thorough and try to get you the best that they can and then they do. They were always there for me and the litigators at Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. got my amounts I owed lowered. Anytime I had any questions or needed anything they would answer or call me back which was nice.”

Patricia M.

“Robert and his staff are courteous and nice and patient. They always kept me informed and they were very professional the entire time and they seemed to understand exactly what was going on and I really appreciated their help and work ethic. He was awesome and wonderful.”

Tamika R.

“I would highly recommend. They were wonderful and went over and beyond for what they could do for me. I really appreciated everything that happened during my time working with them.”

Maria A.

“They are always available when I called and whenever I had something that needed to be answered quickly they were always on it. The demeanor of the entire firm was professional and polite.”

Jesse W.

“I am still working with them and it’s all smooth and great. We have had a great working relationship and they are great at getting things done and very professional. In comparison to a different Attorney that I worked with, this law firm gets things done just like they say they will and their actions prove it.”

Crystal J.

“I would highly recommend them. They all are very attentive and Debra was great!! I was shown professionalism, knowledge and dedication during my time working with them.”


“Everything was and went very well. Robert Fenstersheib always has the right answers and all the associates were amazing. Everyone was professional and knew everything about my concerns and my questions.”

Merline L.

“The staff is personable, I have never worked with any lawyer before and working with them, they make me feel comfortable and at ease. All my concerns are always answered and addressed.”

Gavin C.

“I would absolutely recommend the firm. They were thorough on getting back with me and letting me know what was going on with my case at all times. Attorney Fenstersheib is professional and I was comfortable speaking with him.”

Joy T.

“I would highly recommend them. I got to speak to Robert directly, which showed me how professional he is. His staff was courteous and cared and concerned about me and everything was smooth for my case.”

Tamika R.

“Got Robert’s number from a friend who he helped win a very hard case. Gave him a call when my car was totaled and won! Great staff, answers all my questions in a timely manner and got my case done as fast as they could. Got me, great doctors, to look myself and my son over since we both got injured. Highly recommend Robert and his team!”

Jennifer C.

“Great Experience, I would gladly Recommend, The Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. to Anyone. Very Satisfied with the Services in which I’ve received friendly staff, organized and My one on one Meeting with Mr.Fenstersheib made me feel that I was Important, not just a Client.”

Karen H.

“I would absolutely recommend Robert Fenstersheib and his team to others. They were quick to give me answers when I needed them and completed everything with my case very timely. The team is professional and does great communicating.”

Jennifer C.

“He is a very good attorney and his abilities and knowledge are outstanding. I would refer him to others to use and will continue to see and use him if needed.”

Robert E.

“I have worked with them twice now and they treat me right and exactly how it should be. I like how thorough they are and I was happy with the ending of the case. I always felt like I knew what was going on all the time. Every year they send me cards for my birthday and holidays which shows how much they truly care.”

Damian C.

“The communication was great and they all were very nice and reviewed and explained every single thing. I liked how thorough they were. I was always kept informed and they called me with new information any time it was available. They even recommended a surgeon for me and I am happy with the outcome of everything.”

Karen H.

“Tell Robert! I just recently used the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. for an accident I was in. His staff is great! The office in Hallandale is really nice. The staff gives updates and all questions were always answered and phone calls returned. Highly recommended!”

Jesse W.

“I had a great experience with this law firm they treat u like family and was always there for all my needs when I was waiting for my case to settle, that gave me great advice as to what the decisions I had to make. I totally recommend them they are awesome.”

Priscilla A.

“It was awesome, I got copies of everything and I couldn’t ask for anything better. The firm was everything I could have wanted and more. They are all very professional and everything was handled in an efficient and knowledgeable manner.”

Andrea M.

“It was a very easy and smooth process working with the law firm. I explained everything and it was all completely taken care of. I worked with four different people throughout the process and every one of them was knowledgeable and kind.”

Craig B.

“They kept in contact with me the entire process and I was always informed and updated on what was going on. My biggest compliment I could give them is how fluid and great with communicating they are. I would work with them again if I needed to.”

Priscilla A.

“My experience with Robert Fenstersheib and colleagues has been exceptionally helpful. In 2016, I had a slip and fall accident in a Burger King bathroom in Bradenton, Florida. Robert Fenstersheib is on the case!”

Frank F.

“Great attention! I’m a happy customer.”

Macielle H.

“Robert has represented me for 3 of my cases and I am extremely satisfied with his office and the demand department for settling all of 3 of my cases. I have recommended Robert to my friends and family and will continue to do so :)”

Kiana B.

“Becky was very caring and on the ball immediately. I fell down stairs in my apartment because maintenance didn’t come fix my upstairs handrailing. They made me feel safe and I know they are working very hard for my rights. Thank you all!!!!”

Adriana I.

“I feel compelled to take this time to tell everyone my experience with this law firm, and especially with Robert himself. As a fellow professional, I am always skeptical of the anticipated service from another service-oriented business. I also take particular note of others experiences through reviews, and was quite pleased with the plethora of more than satisfied and elated clients with the rare upset client who may not have received a return call or a satisfactory settlement. From the moment I encountered Robert’s staff I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Their knowledge of the system was uncanny. Robert, as an extremely busy professional, was accessible, even on weekends and holidays. His advice was spot-on, and the claim was resolved to my complete satisfaction! Thank you Robert, and thank you to his wonderful staff.”

Hong P.

“My family and I were in a really bad car accident some months back, the insurance company would not answer my phone calls and were giving me the run around that’s when I decided to go to Robert Fenstersheib for help! He and his team are very knowledgeable, compassionate and answered all of my questions; they were always available by phone and/or email. He is available nights and weekends. They sat down with me and went over everything, and held my hand the entire time. The service that I received from sign up all the way until settlement was great; Telling Robert was the best decision I made! I will DEFINITELY be referring my family and friends to his firm in the future. Thanks Robert for all your help!!!! You’re awesome!”

A Satisfied Client

“Great company and very hands-on.”

A Satisfied Client

“Thumbs up to Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. He did an excellent job!”

Charity F.

“Mr. Robert and his associates did an excellent job in my case and the services and the care of HOLDING MY HAND through the whole case made it very caring. And his professionalism makes it even more comforting. He did an excellent job and I would recommend to anyone about him. I’m glad I told Robert. Thank you!”

Cristina C.

“Great Law firm, will always use him when in south FL.”

Joseph H.

“I couldn’t ask for a better Attorney this firm is #1. I am so happy that I hired them for my medical situation they are on top of everything!!!”

Cruz M.

“My colleague suggested me Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. I for once rejected the idea of visiting him for my case, based on his past I assumed his fees will be really expensive, surprisingly it wasn’t. It was quite cheap. Choosing him for my case was the right idea, in the end everything favored me thanks a lot.”

Emily J.

“Excellent attorney, they solved my case pretty quick and were reliable.”

Alison M.

“This firm is amazing, Mr. Fenstersheib was reachable on weekends and nights via his cell phone. Extremely knowledgeable and compassionate Thru this horrific accident I endured. His staff was kind even when my emotions were high. I honestly did not believe that there were any attorneys out there that truly cared about their clients and treated them like family Thank you Robert!”

Yuning P.

“They are working hard for my family.”

Toja B.

“I had great experience with this lawyer, he helped me a lot with my case. Although it pretty much looked like I was the culprit but things went pretty good for me. Thank you the process went really good.”

Victoria A.

“I had a pretty hard night, the culprit refused to take responsibility of the act. I was badly injured and in very poor health. It cost me a lot of dollars to get well, contacted Robert Fenstersheib he handled my case. In few days the case was resolved the person who did this to me paid for all my expenses, more over he apologized. I owe this attorney big time thanks!!”

Samantha R.

“Robert Fenstersheib did a great job with my case and was always available every time I needed to know what was going on. His staff was great, very professional and polite.”

Al P.

“My husband was in a car accident last night. I called the office this morning and they came out within an hour. Thank you so much.”

Kristie J.

“I think Robert is a great attorney, especially when you need him.”

Geneva W.

“I highly recommend the office of Robert Fenstersheib. Arlene was very professional, caring, understanding and knowledgeable. Office was easy to find beautiful and clean and great professional staff.”

Stephanie D.

“A few years ago I reached out to Fenstersheib’s Law Fire to assist me in in what I thought to be a legitimate legal claim. Little did I know at the time but this group of strangers would become my biggest advocates. These people would sympathize with me, fight for me and rejoice in my victory. I found the following from Fenstersheib’s their web site. “At Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A., you will find advocates for you and your injury ready to help the people who otherwise would have no hope. We feel your pain and, along with our legal expertise, offer understanding and compassion. We believe that each and every case we represent is truly an injury team effort and that your justice is our justice.” They stood true to this promise and went above and beyond, for that I’m so very grateful. P.S. Thanks Elaine Castro-Figueroa for holding my hand from beginning to end of this process.”

Lisa L.

“I highly recommend Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. Robert is a ROCKSTAR!!”


“The best lawyer ever. I hire attorney Robert Feinstersheib because of an auto accident I had while I was pregnant back in February 2015. I was not at fault. I was in pain all my pregnancy. He would call me to know if I am OK. Thank God my baby is born healthy and well. I am so grateful that I chose him as my lawyer because he is personal and straightforward. I couldn’t have asked for a better service. After I hired him, I felt comfortable, and he made it easy for me during the process. Good customer service. He is really the one who listens and cares and I’m really satisfied.”

Widna G.

“I was injured on Saturday and I call yesterday afternoon and my lawyer sent a representative to come to my house I love them thanks for everything.”

Annie C.

“Awesome attorneys fast timing. Gineska is awesome and fast and so is Shazam great service.”

Lamar O.

“It is a very considerate place that gets right to the point. I will recommend this Law Firm to anybody who needs help. EXCELLENT FIRM.”

Shawn K.

“Very Satisfied by Alex’s Work. Good bless him.”

Cassandra P.

“So it was late at night, I was going down to Miami with my car and the rain was pouring down. Our vision was blurred and looking straight up ahead was a little difficult. As I was driving, a car came in behind me with high speed; he saw my car and tried to stop but instead drifted and rammed my car in from the side. I suffered collateral damage while my car was thrashed. I called this law firm and they helped me a lot and I was able to get all my funds back. If it were an insurance company, I was sure to have spent thousands of dollars but instead, the firm gave me a cheap alternative and helped me get it done for cheap.”

Adigun D.

“My brother was just walking down the sidewalk when a car’s driver lost control and screeched towards him. His left foot was fractured and he was instantly taken to the medical room, he didn’t have any insurance and the treatment would take tens of thousands of dollars so I filed a lawsuit against the driver through this firm. Luckily for me, they were able to help in not only paying me the money to treat my brother, they jailed the man to commit the accident, and I was able to earn an extra from the fine imposed upon the driver, so thanks guys for helping me.”


“Reliable, resourceful, results oriented! A personable professional firm.”

Jay R.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. helped me out. They took care of a major case for me and made me free. One thing that facilitated me was that they were near to the point I had an accident. I was recklessly drunk driving when I hit a car, I had an accident and the other person, who was safe, had a car that was disastrously struck I could see the dents and the car wasn’t even starting. I was afraid, I called the firm and they said that they could help me out. They were able reduce the fine and I no longer had to go to jail and even though I spent more than a year in community service, I am really thankful as this was my first DUI ever and I was very scared.”

Martha J.

“Alex and Robert were very caring. I had a good experience with this law firm.”

Ivana D.

“Thank you so much Robert J. Fenstersheib, he did an impressive job and he get me justice. A few days back I was going for a walk and all of sudden something fell down from top. That building was under construction they were steel rods which fell down out of no where, thank fully I survived it and there was no major injury except my toe was badly bruised and one of the rod hit my back. I so wanted to sue this company my husband was frustrated he immediately contacted Robert J. Fenstersheib. He was very supportive of me through out the process thank you so much for the support, and gladly we had justice in the end. Thank you sir. Recommended attorney.”

Laura A.

“Mr. Robert is by far the best attorney. The way he handled the case was quite impressive, there was a time I thought I lost the case just then he showed his skills and convinced the judge that I am the right person here, I am the person who should get justice, and be paid back for the damage they did to me and my son. Thank you!!”

Katherine H.

“It was 12 march 2016 when I had a terrible accident, I was just crossing the street like I was suppose to out of no where a car came with high speed and hit me hard, I was terribly injured. The car driver was not willing to take responsibility for his cruel act. And it costed me a lot to recover. Somehow I came across the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. He is experienced and professional lawyer with excellent team, we carried the case to court and within the month the case was resolved what he did to me was paid off. It is all because of lawyers like him that our people can still believe justice exist. Recommended attorney.”

Blair C.

“I was staying the night at a hotel for a wedding, and I went to use the hotel gym late at night. One of the weight machines broke from the top, and the bar crashed down on me, in the back of my neck. The hotel wasn’t willing to do much for me, and I planned on letting it go until weeks went by and the pain wasn’t subsiding. I had to go to the chiropractor for months. I decided that I deserved compensation for what had happened to me, and I came across the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. I thoroughly explained what happened, and Robert told me that he’d be more than willing to help me. He was so kind and patient throughout the entire process, and explained in detail the steps that we’d be taking. Such a professional man, along with hi s team. After months of fighting for me, I got the compensation that I deserved. He did an excellent job, and I am truly grateful for him and his services. I would highly recommend this practice.”

Veronica R.

“Robert J. Fenstersheib is the kindest and the most wise lawyer I have ever seen. He not only listens to the case but he tries to help his client in the best way possible. I remember how screwed I was within my case, the opposing lawyer tried his best to give me an impression of evil and the wrong, but Robert J. Fenstersheib did not let it happen, he managed to find clues against them. We surprisingly won the case, I am more than just thankful to him.”


“We were caught up in a terrible car accident in the start of the new year, two of us sustained serious injuries – myself, a dislocated limb and my spouse, a deep cut on her left arm while our daughter sustained some minor bruises. We were at a cross junction when the car from the opposite lane came crashing heads on to our vehicle; the guy was drunk driving. I looked for Robert from the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. to assist me in my case as he is specialized with such matters. Robert and his team were professional and helpful – answering all given questions we had and reassuring us they will do their very best to seek the justice for us. Everything was handle properly and we received our welfare and legal claims. Thank you Robert and team for assisting us throughout that horrid time. We appreciate all your efforts and will always recommend you guys.”

A Satisfied Client

“I just want to take the time out to thank the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. for doing such a great job. I’m really satisfied.”

Fitzgerald A.

“We were caught up in a terrible car accident in the start of the new year, two of us sustained serious injuries – myself, a dislocated limb and my spouse, a deep cut on her left arm while our daughter sustained some minor bruises. We were at a cross junction when the car from the opposite lane came crashing heads on to our vehicle; the guy was drunk driving. I looked for Robert from the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. to assist me in my case as he is specialized in such matters. Robert and his team were professional and helpful – answering all given questions we had and reassuring us they will do their very best to seek the justice for us. Everything was handled properly and we received our welfare and legal claims. Thank you, Robert and team, for assisting us throughout that horrid time. We appreciate all your efforts and will always recommend you guys.”

Ryan L.

“My experience with the law office of Robert J. Fenstersheib is thus by far the best Law firm I have every dealt with. The staff is always friendly and cooperative and polite in every way!! I would HIGHLY recommend this law firm if you every would need an Attorney. They will get the job done!!!”

Mellissa G.

“I see that there are some mixed reviews on here, but I can honestly say from personal experience that Mr. Fenstersheib and his team truly care about their clients, and want to help them in any way they can. For me, they were friendly, helpful and driven to make sure my case was treated with respect and that I received a fair and justified outcome. Without going into too much detail, I really struggled with my situation following my accident and came to Robert’s office just to see what my options were. They sat down with me and went over everything, and “held my hand” the entire time. They’re very busy as you can imagine, but they do care about you and your case and do want to do what’s best for you in the end. I truly felt taken care of, and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my future cases (although I hope I don’t have any). I would also recommend them to any friends that need legal assistance. Telling Robert was the best decision I ever made!”

Esperanza R.

“It was good service.”

Karmaniki M.

“This lawyer is one of the best, and only one of a kind. He gets the job done. When you need him; guess who come out of nowhere to you, with open ears and a solution to every problem. He’s awesome, knows what to do every time. Trust Mr. Robert because this Lawyer is Intelligent and a hard Fighter to the end. Trustworthy! I am a hundred percent satisfied and amazed by His work. You want to become a winner try Robert. He carries out the right master plan to win.”

Lashonda B.

“Very timely and accurate. Gives clear advice.”

Norma P.

“They are awesome and don’t play period. They are very nice and polite.”

Cierra J.

“Awesome!!!! Met Robert. He is caring. Down to earth. Very professional. I would recommend Robert to anyone that needs. Professional representation.”


“Simple, easy, pleasant experience. I didn’t have many questions because they had already been answered. I would recommend their services to anyone. Arlene Hernandez is very beautiful, elegant, professional and knowledgeable.”


“Since I have hired your firm, I am very pleased that Shoba has been there for me concerning any questions I might have concerning my case. Its not often you find people who are dedicated to their work and act very professional in handling their clients concerns. I hope she is appreciated in doing her job and her work is appreciated at this end as well.”


“We had a wonderful experience they want though everything with us answers all questions.”


“Mr. Fenstersheib and team were great to work with on my case – they answered my questions, returned my (many) calls and handled my situation with professionalism and understanding. Friendly office staff, and always helpful. I’ll definitely use them again if I ever need their services! Thank you!”


“Robert and his team were very helpful when I came to him with my case. They listened to my problems, were understanding and always available when I needed them. My attorney assigned to my case fought hard to win my case, and kept me informed every step of the way. I hope I don’t need to use another lawyer in the future, but if I do I know who I’m going to call! Thank you Fenstersheib!”


“Dear Robert thank you, thank you, thank you! You took such good care of my family and me when we got in the accident; I really can’t thank you enough. I hope I never have to go through this again but if I do, I’ll call you first.”

A Satisfied Client

“Robert, When I got in my accident I really did not know what to do. When I called your office and you spoke to me right away, I knew I had found the right attorney. You knew exactly what I needed to do and took care of fighting with the insurance company. Great job!”

A Satisfied Client

“I guess there is a good reason to tell Robert! I did just that, I told you everything and you came through with flying colors. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!”


“They always contact and return phone calls even on holidays, weekends and off hours. They make me feel like family. They truly care.”


“After my accident, you and your legal team not only gave me sound legal advice but you also gave me the support that I needed to get through this very difficult time. Thank you!”


“Awesome, quick service. Very professional. Definitely recommend.”


“I would recommend to everyone. Shoba Mohammed has gone above and beyond to always help me with anything even Googling an address while I was driving. Thank you Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. and thank you Shoba :)”

A Happy Client

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