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Are You Experiencing Side Effects From Your Prescribed Drugs?

When patients are issued prescriptions for new drugs, ever so often they may experience a reaction from the new medicine. That reaction is commonly known as a side effect. This happens often, and more disturbing than that is the fact that more than likely, many doctors have not been made aware of the possibility of such side effects by the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the drugs. Indeed, studies have shown that many drug company representatives do not properly inform doctors about the possible side effects of the medications that they are distributing to the physicians’ offices. The lack of medical transparency is very alarming.

The research, conducted via questionnaires to doctors in the United States, Canada, and France, reveals that company representatives not only failed to warn doctors about common side effects from the use of the new medications but also failed to warn them about possible contraindications. Moreover, they also neglected to identify the types of patients who should not use the drugs in question. The research indicates that this happened in more than half of the representatives’ visits, in spite of the fact that the law in all 3 countries requires that drug company representatives inform doctors about not only the benefits but also the potential risks of the medications. This absence of disclosure means the treatments may not be as safe as they seem to appear. In fact, while the researchers found that these representatives informed the doctors about possible side effects in just 6% of the promotions, the absence of standard monitoring and evaluation disciplines regarding drug company visits renders it nearly impossible for federal regulators to track whether the existing disclosure laws are being complied with when these visits take place.

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