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Are Your Children Properly Prepared For Road Safety In This New School Year?

Thousands of school children across South Florida head back to school in mid-August. As students get back to their daily travel routines, it’s important for all parents to take a little extra time to ensure their children’s safety. This becomes a peak time for accidents and injuries while walking, biking or riding to school. Most drivers have been used to a lack of children on the streets during the summer and may fail to realize that now there will be many more children on the road, due to the start of a new school year.

1. If your children walk to school, make sure they understand that they must walk on the sidewalk, and must walk facing traffic. If they cross streets on their way to and from school, instruct them to carefully look for cars coming in either direction. Also, impress upon them that they must walk especially carefully around parked cars.

2. If your children ride bicycles to school, make sure that they wear helmets. Review all the basic bicycling safety rules with your children, including hand signals, riding at safe speeds, riding on the right side of the road, and if riding in a group, to ride in a single file.

3. If your children ride the bus to school, teach them the right way to get on and off the bus. Instruct them to stay safely away from the curb at a distance of at least 6 feet, and to never walk behind the bus. And make sure they fully understand that, while riding in the bus, they must avoid putting their heads, arms or hands outside the window.

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