Brake Failure Can Be Frightening

We all take our brakes for granted and the fact is that stopping a vehicle is much more important than starting it. To try and avoid brake failure you should have your brakes checked every time you have your car or truck serviced. Your mechanic will be able to recommend any brake maintenance necessary to keep your car’s brakes working properly.

What Happens If Your Brakes Do Fail?

Total brake failure can be a terrifying and dangerous experience. Brake failure is another important reason to always wear your seat belt and to make sure your passengers do the same.

Remaining calm is the first and most important step in all emergency situations and if brake failure happens these are some steps you can take:

  • Take evasive actions if you are in traffic to avoid hitting other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Try pumping the brakes.
  • If your car has an automatic transmission shift into low gear. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, downshift into a lower gear.
  • Depress the emergency brake.
  • Pull onto the side of the road watching out for traffic until the car comes to a full stop. Turn off the engine and call for help. Do not try to continue driving.
  • Have you brake system completely checked by a reputable auto mechanic or car dealership.
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