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Driving in poor conditions can cause serious auto accidents. Car after car can crash into each other because of lowered range of sight and lowered grip of the car. I’m sure you have seen a lot of car accidents videos and picture which illustrate this scenario. Especially when the winter comes, the main suspect for causes of car accidents is bad weather.

Poor Conditions and Car Accidents

There can be many factors which count as poor conditions and could possibly cause car accidents. The most common ones are:

  • Driving in the snow
  • Driving on ice
  • Driving in the rain
  • Driving at night
  • Driving in a fog

Each and every one of these 5 poor conditions cause drivers to have a lowered range of sight, especially if the conditions are severe such as a heavy snowstorm, monsoon, and a very thick fog. These can lower the driver’s vision to just about a few meters which make is practically impossible to see the road ahead. And it can get even worse if more than one of these is active. Other road conditions which could potentially cause auto accidents are high winds and a very wet road.

Preventing Car Accidents In Poor Conditions

While the aforementioned factors can cause auto accidents quite often, there are ways these horrific crashes can be prevented. Of course, the best prevention strategy would be to not drive in bad conditions at all. But, sometimes you just have to get somewhere no matter what. In such cases, you should follow these bad weather safety driving tips:

  • Always turn on your headlights – that way, other cars will be able to spot you from much farther down the road and you will also be able to see much better.
  • Increase your following distance a lot – you never know what could happen in front of you and you want to give yourself some space and time to react. It is pointless to drive 3 feet behind the car in front if you are traveling at 20 mph because of the bad weather conditions.
  • Lower your speed – braking in poor conditions can take much longer compared to normal conditions, especially in the case of a frozen road. You want to drive slowly so that you’d have time to react if need be.
  • Always make sure that the car is equipped to deal with the conditions at hand – battery, windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze, and pretty much everything should be intact.
  • Be extremely careful around intersections – just because you are given a green light doesn’t mean that the road will be clear so watch out.
  • Avoid unnecessary lane switches – you should focus on staying in one lane as much as possible so that you do not cause any unnecessary road difficulties.
  • Remain completely focused on the situation on the road – do not get distracted by anyone in the car or use a cell phone.

Recovering From Bad Weather Car Accidents

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries from a car accident which took place in bad weather conditions, you might be eligible for a reimbursement. The lawyers at the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. are seasoned in personal injury cases.

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