If you have lost someone you love to an accident, it may be possible to get compensation. Sudden loss can be very traumatic for family members and, while money can never undo the harm, it can help ease financial burdens. Wrongful death cases in Florida can be the result of several situations, such as: Medical malpractice Car accidents Bicycle accidents Work-related deaths Deaths caused by defective products When someone is killed through the negligence of someone else, family members have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit on the decedent’s behalf. Florida’s Wrongful Death Act restricts wrongful death suits to certain close relatives, which means not just anyone can file a lawsuit. The Florida Wrongful Death Act allows the following relatives to file a wrongful death claim: Spouse Children Parents Dependent blood relatives Dependent adoptive siblings Children born out of wedlock to a mother Children born out of wedlock to a father (if it can be shown that the father accepted responsibility for the child) Florida law refers to these relatives as survivors, and they may receive compensation to cover funeral and burial costs,…Read More

Tractor Trailer Crash Wrongful Death … on the paved shoulder of I-4, the victim’s car burst into flames leading to Ms. Daniels’ death on the spot.Read More

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