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We have no choice but to put faith in the medical professionals that treat us. With the advancements in modern medicine, our physicians and other practitioners are more equipped than ever to assist with healing our ailments and alleviating symptoms of various conditions.

While most healthcare workers do their best to help overcome health challenges, there are situations where their treatment can fall short – which can cause significant harm to the patient.

A 2016 study by Johns Hopkins estimated that over 250,000 deaths per year stem from medical errors in the U.S. This makes medical malpractice the 3rd leading cause of death in our country.

This staggering statistic begs the question: what can we do to hold medical malpractice accountable and attain restitution for ourselves or loved ones that have been affected by it?

Given the extreme consequences of medical malpractice, it is common for patients who have been injured to pursue legal action against the healthcare providers who are responsible. A medical malpractice lawsuit can provide significant financial relief for those dealing with the repercussions of their injury. This compensation can make up for losses such as medical bills, lost income, pain & suffering, and more…

Medical malpractice suits can occur for a multitude of reasons, but the five most common causes include:

Delayed Diagnosis

Catching a health condition early and treating it properly can be the difference between life and death. If a medical provider fails to locate and treat a condition promptly, this puts the patient’s health in significant danger. These actions (or lack thereof) may hold the provider liable for medical malpractice.


When a medical professional incorrectly identifies a medical problem, this can result in providing the patient with the wrong treatment. Not only can this cause further injury, but it also fails to treat the patient’s true condition. The medical harm that misdiagnosis can create can certainly be grounds to pursue a viable medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medication Error

Medications have the ability to significantly impact the human body. Recent studies estimate that roughly 1.3 million Americans are injured by medication errors every year. Such errors can include taking the wrong medication altogether, taking a harmful combination of medications, or being prescribed an improper dosage.

Surgical Errors

Surgery is a high-risk medical procedure to begin with, and whether it is basic or complex, there is always the possibility of errors occurring. Surgical mistakes can cause irreversible damage to the patient – which can happen in a variety of circumstances.

Surgical errors can include:

  • Doctors ordering needless surgical procedures.
  • Surgeries done on the wrong part of the body.
  • Surgeries damaging healthy vessels or organs.
  • Surgeries performed on the incorrect patient.
  • Surgical tools left inside the body following the procedure.

Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia is crucial in ensuring the patient receives comfortable surgical treatment. The role of the anesthesiologist and their team is to analyze the patient’s full medical history prior to surgery. This allows them to notate any drug allergies and current medications in order to determine the proper combination of anesthetics to administer. When a mistake is made in relation to anesthesia and the patient is harmed as a result, this can be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of medical care in Florida, speaking with a skilled medical malpractice lawyer is vital. Given the statute of limitations for these suits is only two years, it is more important than ever to get started with a viable legal plan.

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