Contingency Fees – Definition And Meaning

Personal ijury lawyers typically work on a contingency fee basis. This means that compensation for their legal services gets recovered only after they have managed to obtain a favorable settlement or verdict for their client. Normally, contingency fee plans are based on a percentage of the money that has been recovered in the case, and since the attorney is only entitled to receive payment in the event of a favorable outcome. These plans are extremely beneficial for victims of personal injuries or cases where money damages are expected, as all legal expenses to file the case are borne by the attorney. The Florida Supreme Court establishes the percentages for contingency fees in our State, and these fees typically range between 33.3% and 40% (whether pre-suit or litigation) of the total compensation that has been awarded to the client. It is very important to note that a reputable personal injury attorney will always explain, fully and clearly – before he takes on a case – his specific contingency fee percentage to the client, and whether the fee is based on the net or gross amount of the compensation.

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