Five Things That Don’t Mix Well With Getting Behind The Steering Wheel
  1. Texting. No matter how much the danger of texting while driving has been publicized, nationwide reports keep mounting about accidents and fatalities resulting from this extremely dangerous activity.
  2. Talking on a Cell Phone. We’ve gotten so used to the idea of using the cell phone in our daily life that we forget that doing so in our vehicles prevents us from keeping our full attention on the road. Any form of distraction behind the wheel, no matter how small, can prove disastrous.
  3. Reaching for Objects Within the Vehicle. This is very common, and while reaching for a radio knob to change the station or a CD button to insert new music, reaching for a drink in the cup holder, or even trying to retrieve an object that has fallen on the floor may seem like common occurrences, the lack of complete concentration on the real task at hand – driving – may result in an accident.
  4. Applying Makeup. It’s true, most of us have seen it while we’re driving, and just like texting while driving, this activity requires both visual and manual distractions that impair cognitive awareness of the road and the traffic surrounding us.
  5. Eating or Reading. While these may sounds farfetched, it’s certainly done more often than we realize, and both activities have definitely resulted in accidents in our roadways.

The most important thing to realize about all the horrible driving habits outlined above is that everything on the list can either be accomplished before getting behind the wheel, or can wait until you get to a place where the vehicle can be safely parked. You can’t expect everyone to show common sense, so accidents are bound to happen, but we urge you to do everything possible so that you, yourself, avoid these pitfalls and are never distracted while driving.

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