Information About Car Accidents You Need To Be Aware Of


Auto accidents are a plague to the modern world. More than 30,000 casualties due to car crashes are documented every year, and in addition more than 2 million people get seriously injured. Keep in mind that this is just in the US.
In this article we will aim to educate you on the common motor vehicle accident causes, the consequences of those and how to do our best to avoid them.

Causes Of Car Accidents

Despite the fact that a good portion of the tragic events are a result of vehicle malfunction, Bob Joop Goos, chairman of the International Organization for Road Accident prevention, has been quoted as saying that more than 90% of all car accidents are due to human error. Below is a short list of the most common premises for such events:

  • Drunk driving, or driving under the influence of drugs
  • Speeding
  • Distractions (texting while driving, billboards, etc)
  • Road rage
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Automobile malfunction (brake failure, tire blowouts, etc)

It can be clearly seen on the list that all except for the last point are entirely human errors. However, even vehicle malfunction is often a result of human negligence – the insufficient conscientiousness and care for the vehicle significantly increases the chance of a fatal outcome.

Road Accident Statistics

We already mentioned the staggering amount of 30,000 fatalities per year and that is only for the US. However the list of frightening facts does not end there. Here are a few more examples of the severity of the problem:

  • Auto accidents are the #9 leading cause of death, with more than 2.2% of deaths worldwide attributed to car crashes
  • Despite the common campaigns for safe driving, this percentage has only been increasing in the last few years, and road traffic injuries are expected to become the fifth most common cause of death by 2030
  • Road crashes are the leading cause of death for people aged 15-24, and ranked second for people aged 5-14

Consequences Of Car Accidents

Now that we have covered death, let us not forget that the aftermath of road accidents is not limited to that.

Many times the quality of life of survivors takes a huge hit. Out of the 50 million people injured in car accidents every year on a global scale, many do not recover fully. Traumas vary – neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, back, head, limbs, internal organs – your whole body is at risk.

Not to mention the psychological aftermath of such incidents. Short term, or even long term emotional distress is fairly common, PTSD, anxiety and depression are also frequently caused by car accidents – which is not something to be overlooked.

Even the financial statistics are looking devastating. On a global scale, car crashes cost 518 billion USD – almost two percent of all the individual countries’ GDP combined.

Vehicle Accident Prevention

With the significant consequences and shocking statistics in mind, an obvious question arises – how can we prevent all of that? Here are some general tips and car accident facts that might help you minimize the risks:

  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Keep level-headed – remember that the road is not a video game and consequences of childish behavior can be severe.
  • Use a hands-free device for your phone, or just disable its sounds altogether. Distractions on the road are a major cause of accidents.
  • Be politically active. This one is often disregarded, but very important. Demand better roads – as the quality of roads is correlated to the scarcity of road accidents – and your voice counts. Also just as an example – the state of Vermont recently banned billboards on the road thanks to activism – and advertisements on the road have historically caused hundreds if not thousands of accidents.
  • Spread the word. Over 90% of fatalities occur in low and middle income countries – and incidentally these are the countries where knowledge of car accidents is most scarce. It is just correlation, but we have every reason to believe that information is power in that regard.
  • Keep your vehicle in check. Often times you can disregard a small defect until it is too late. Machinery will always malfunction at one point or another, and you need to be prepared for that.
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