While minor accidents may result in obvious personal or property damages, never assume that a motorcycle rider was not injured, even if the injuries are not noticeable at the time of the collision.

Sometimes, injuries do not become apparent for days, weeks or even months after an accident. For that reason, we recommend following two steps after the accident. First, visit a doctor; a trained physician can detect physical damage that may not be immediately apparent. Second, secure the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Difference In Insurance Laws For Cars And Motorcycles

At the most basic level, motorcycle insurance in Florida is specifically designed to cover 2-wheel vehicles, while automobile insurance covers 4-wheel vehicles. Also, most automobile insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage. Regardless of the circumstances of an automobile accident, once the deductible is paid, the insurance company covers all expenses.

In Florida, car drivers must also have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which covers medical bills and lost wages, regardless of who is at fault for an accident.

PIP insurance, however, is not required for motorcycles. While some insurance companies offer insurance plans similar to PIP for motorcycles, these are not regulated under Florida law. Motorcycle policies may also present specific particulars that need to be addressed individually, such as custom add-ons, which may result in added premiums.

The Duty Of Other Motorists Towards Motorcyclists In Florida

All drivers, regardless of the number of wheels their vehicles, have a responsibility to drive safely and cautiously. Drivers should also be especially aware of their blind spots when passing or changing lanes, as motorcycles are more difficult to spot in rearview mirrors.

Difference Between Motorcycle Accidents And Automobile Wrecks

Motorcycles accidents can be much more dangerous than car accidents, as motorcycles do not have many inherent safety features, such seat belts and air bags. Combined with the possible negligence of surrounding drivers, the results of a motorcycle accident can prove catastrophic.

About 90,000 motorcyclists are injured every year in the United States, and motorcycle drivers are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than car drivers. According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one out of every ten fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States involves a collision with a motorcycle. What’s worse, these accidents result in approximately 4,000 deaths every year.

Common Causes Of Accidents Involving Motorcycles In Florida

The single most common cause of motorcycle accidents is when cars make a left turn and strikes the motorcycle. This is typically occurs when the motorcycle driver goes straight through an intersection or tries to pass the car to their right.

Motorcycle accidents also happen when motorcycle riders drive between two lanes of slower traffic, known as “lane splitting.” Of course, speeding and alcohol are major causes of accidents for all vehicles, including motorcycles.

Common Injuries Generally Sustained In Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are subject the same type of injuries as car drivers, but the chances of severity are greatly enhanced. Broken bones are much more common in motorcycle accidents, and the likelihood of traumatic brain injuries and death are also much more likely for motorcyclists.

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