Motorcycle Accidents In South Florida

As you would have probably guessed, motorcyclists face a lot more danger when driving on the road. They are not protected by the body of the car as other drivers, which is what makes them so vulnerable. And when this is combined with the negligence of other drivers around them, the results can be catastrophic. Most often, motorcycle accidents result in injuries, some of which extremely serious. This is why motorcycle riders must be aware of their legal rights if they were involved in such a situation.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents. Here are some important numbers you should know:

  • Motorcycle riders are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than car drivers
  • Around 90,000 motorcyclists get injured yearly
  • In 2012, there were 4,957 fatal motorcycle accidents
  • Motorcyclists are 40% more like to die from head injury and 15% more likely to suffer from a non-fatal injury if they are not wearing a helmet

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents and the injuries they result in can be caused by a number of factors. However, we will list the most common ones:

  • Invisible to cars – Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, sometimes drivers fail to notice them, because the motorcyclist is in the blind spot or is hidden by other objects on the road.
  • Road hazards – Even a little debris can throw a motorcycle off balance. Unlike cars, riders have to be much more careful for uneven road surfaces, small objects, and slippery surface. All of these can cause a motorcycle accident in an instant.
  • Not wearing the proper gear – Motorcyclists don’t have the luxury of seat-belts and windshields so it is essential that they wear helmet and other proper gear to avoid injuries.
  • High-risk behavior – Either from others on the road, or from the motorcyclists themselves, high-risk behavior such as not complying with speed limitations and warning signs, is one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Hallandale

If you sustained injuries from a motorcycle accident in Hallandale that was not your fault, you must know that you are entitled to compensation. But of course, first you need to seek out medical attention. After that:

  • If you are not able to stay at the sight of the motorcycle accident due to the degree of your injuries, ask someone to get the name, address and contact information of the other driver involved in the accident. Many insurance companies require contact information with the other vehicle driver and you will need it to have a successful motorcycle accident case.
  • Try to identify any possible witnesses
  • Ask the other driver for his point of view and carefully write it down

In the aftermaths of the motorcycle accident in Hallandale, you can seek legal action. Basically there are two types of claims:

  • Third-party claims
  • First-party claims

Third-party claims are lawsuits against the negligent driver responsible for causing a motorcycle accident in Hallandale. This is also referred to as a negligence claim or a tort claim. The damages available in third-party claims include pain and suffering, non-economic damages and excess economic benefits.

A first-party claim is between the motorcyclist and his insurance company for no-fault benefits. This is also called personal injury protection, or PIP benefits.

We can help you get reimbursed for the injuries and losses you sustained after your motorcycle accident in Hallandale. We will help you and your families understand motorcycle insurance laws and what happens after you or a loved one has been seriously injured or wrongfully killed in a motorcycle accident.

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