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An Overview Animal Attacks

Animal attacks can cause injuries, or worst, disturbance to one’s life. Aside from frequent dog attacks, other domestic animals and pets can cause injuries.

Examples include improperly confined large domestic animals, or livestock, that cause auto accidents after entering a roadway. They also include exotic animals that viciously attack a houseguest, pet birds with harmful claws, or slip-and-fall accidents that occur when an exotic pet surprises a guest with its sudden approach.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 800,000 Americans seek medical attention after dog or animal bites each year, some of which are fatal. Aside from injuries, these attacks can also cause psychological trauma.

For many years, our firm has helped numerous victims in the South Florida area, as well as their families. We work with them to help them receive compensation for the pain and disruption caused by these attacks. Our team is made up of professional and knowledgeable lawyers who are skilled in handling personal injuries.

If bitten or injured by a dog, you can now file a complaint against the owner, since the law makes the owner liable for the full amount of damages.

Once bitten by a dog or attacked by another animal, seek medical attention right away. You need to know the depth of the wound and any possible illness you may suffer. If you have reported the incident to the police, make certain to retain a copy of the police report. Also, take note of the pet or animal owner, along with any possible witnesses. Be sure to save any clothing that has been damaged by the animal, and take photos of any property damage. This information will also support your case.

Since you cannot avoid neighbors or friends who love pets, it is necessary for you to know your rights if ever you or a loved one suffers from animal attacks.

Our lawyers will help you file a personal injury or untimely death claim against the animal’s owner. We will help you gain compensation for property damages, physical damages, medical expenses, and any other effects of the attack.

We have medical experts, as well as skilled investigators, who can help you with your cause.

Attorney Robert Fenstersheib

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