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Product Liability Lawsuits

Product Liability Lawsuits

Product Liability laws state that a company’s primary duty is to protect its customers from possible hazards. Since the manufacturers have the innate knowledge of their products, courts find it justifiable to have the former assume the financial responsibilities for injuries, as well as property damage.

Product Liability Statistics

Each and every product liability lawsuit case includes its own unique circumstances and unfortunate outcomes. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) tracks important product liability information and product liability news so they can generate useful reports and statistics.

In 2014, 7% of all personal injury cases were product liability lawsuits.

Product liability lawsuit cases also have the second highest median damage awards in all the types of personal injury cases, sitting at around $300,000. The following statistics show different product liabilities and the possible hazards that come with their defects:

As you can see, manufacturers make mistakes as well, (a lot of them). So, always be cautious when using any kind of products. Serious injuries may occur if the defects are bad enough.

Defective Product Lawsuits Statistics

Jury Verdict Research released a more recent study, in 2011, which found the median compensatory award for products liability lawsuit cases involving transportation products to be around $3,000,000. Further data showed:

Product liability lawsuit cases are complex, and you have to fight every step of the way. This is where a product liability lawyer comes into play.

Types of Product Liability Claims

Essentially, there are three main types of defective product liability claims. The first one is defectively manufactured products, which can include:

The second one is defectively-designed products. Examples include:

The last category is the failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions. For instance:

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Product Liability Injuries

Serious injuries may occur when manufacturers or businesses prioritize their profits over the safety and welfare of their consumers.

Once these individuals are harmed by unsafe products, they can take action against the producer, manufacturer, seller and designer of said products.

Defective and toxic toys for children or infants, faulty electrical appliances, design defects or d improper labeling are just a few examples of how manufacturer mistakes can lead to serious injuries.

In such instances, the producer or company is legally responsible to assure that the end user of their products are safe. If an injury occurs, the seller and the maker of the product should offer full recovery to the injured customer, as well as family members who suffered from the product’s defective features.

Product Liability Lawsuit Cases

The reason for fostering product safety is to protect consumers and to instill knowledge on their rights as end users of a defective product. It is also to educate them on the possible injuries they may experience. Consumers have the right to sue companies for negligence in order to get the compensation they deserve.

Complaints can also be made when the manufacturer or seller fails to fulfill their promise or address concerns about the quality of their products. Companies are also liable if they give false security or safety information about their product or misrepresent the product in an advertisement. To be successful in a lawsuit, the injured party must first prove that the item was defective and that it has caused injury to the user. They must also prove that such defect has rendered other hazards.

Once the injured consumer shows an injury from the manufacturer’s product, the former is entitled to receive compensation for economic damages which include:

Aside from monetary reimbursement, justice will be brought with favorable verdicts. Injured consumers who filed charges against the manufacturers of defective products will also contribute to public safety by encouraging the latter to create safer and more reliable products.

Product Liability Lawyers

Our expert product liability lawyers have competitive knowledge on the physical, emotional and economic damage an individual may suffer. These cases prove that manufacturers have the ability to reduce injuries by simply taking more steps to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

Legal assistance for product liabilities is available at the Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. without any obligation, including free and confidential consultations with our lawyers.

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