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Insurance Companies Are Not Always Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Property Damage ClaimsHave you been treated unfairly by your insurance company? Has your property claim been denied, partially paid, or underestimated? If any of these scenarios apply to you or a loved one, FENSTERSHEIB LAW GROUP may be able to help you recover your losses.

Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in litigation, with homeowners’ insurance claim disputes becoming increasingly common. The truth is that insurance carriers must make a profit to continue to exist and keep their shareholders happy without regard to their policyholders. Fortunately, the law does not allow insurance carriers to make a profit by disputing or even outright denying valid homeowner insurance claims by their policyholders.

While some insurance companies blatantly dispute or deny valid insurance claims to make a profit, other companies have implemented strategies to get you, the homeowner, to settle your insurance claim for far less than the value of your loss.

FENSTERSHEIB LAW GROUP will stand up to these insurance carriers in valid homeowner insurance claim disputes and fight for your ability to make the proper and appropriate repairs to your property.

We will effectively guide you through the entire process and aspect of your insurance claim dispute to help you get treated fairly by your insurance company.

Common types of insurance claim disputes with insurance companies include:


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