Road Safety Tips For A New School Year

Officially schools are back in session for students and teachers. This means more congestion, distracted parent drivers and sharing the road with others. School buses are picking up their passengers, kids on bikes are trying to make it on time before the school bell, parents are trying to drop-off their kids to make it to work on time. Most drivers have been used to a lack of children on the streets during the summer, and may fail to realize that now there will be more congestion, that they need to slow down and pay attentions to the little ones on the road. Below are few Road Safety Tips for a New School Year.

1. Walking to school. Be realistic about kids’ pedestrian skills, make sure your children understand that they must walk on the sidewalk, be very cautious around traffic, and must walk facing traffic. If they cross streets on their way to and from school and there is no crossing guard on duty, instruct them to carefully look for cars coming in either direction. Also, impress upon them that they must walk especially carefully around parked cars.

2. Riding bicycles to school. Make sure that kids always wear helmets, no matter how short the ride. Review all the basic bicycling safety rules with your children, including hand signals, riding at safe speeds, riding on the right side of the road, respect traffic lights and if riding in a group, to ride in a single file.

3. Taking bus to school. Children should stay safely away from the curb at a distance of at least 6 feet and wait for the bus to stop before approaching. Instruct them to never walk behind the bus and check to see if no other traffic is coming before crossing the street. And make sure they fully understand that, while riding in the bus, not to move around the bus and avoid putting their heads, arms or hands outside the window.

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