The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving


Cell phone distraction rates are at an all-time high. Despite the media attention and all the expensive campaigns aimed at lowering the incidents, the statistics are staggering. In this article we will further examine the mere facts behind this behavior – the statistics, what the law says, how to limit the risks and what is the punishment and compensation when accidents occur.

Cell Phone Use While Driving Facts

  • People still consider drunk driving as more dangerous than texting while driving. Yet the likelihood of an accident while using the mobile phone is six times bigger than the likelihood of DUI accidents.
  • More than 25% of car accidents in the United States are due to texting while driving
  • Overall cell phone use is a cause of 1.6 million crashes every year, with 330,000 people injured in them.
  • Mobile phones cause one third of all car crash fatalities

Worst of all, the usage of cell phones before car accidents happen is known to be underreported due to potential legal issues. The statistics above are only based on proven facts – meaning that the actual numbers might be even higher. Using a mobile phone while driving is reckless behavior, and every single crash that happens due to it can be prevented. The law is strict in this regard, so you should never be stuck paying medical bills from an accident caused by someone else.

Mobile Phone Car Accident Prevention

The safest possible way to use a cell phone while driving would be to attach it to the radio system or another suitable hands free device via Bluetooth. Using the microphone on the phone while driving is illegal, even if it is not physically held by the driver.

Yet, the hands free device does not guarantee safety either. While the distraction from using such technology is significantly smaller, it might still cause an accident – and the driver will take responsibility for that in court.

So there is no better decision than to simply postpone calls until you have arrived at your destination. This is especially important for young drivers, since statistics show that they are four times as likely to cause a road accident due to cell phone usage. When it comes to novice drivers, the law is also stricter in almost all states.

Mobile Phone Accidents And Compensation

So regardless of other circumstances, if a driver’s use of a mobile phone did cause an accident that you were injured in, you have a case and might be eligible for compensation. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs, problems due to stress, lost business and any collateral damage can all be reimbursed in a fair trial.

In such cases it is important to trust a lawyer who specializes in road accidents and has a proven record.

Mobile Phone Accident Lawyers

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