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What Factors Determine The Damages Awarded In Personal Injury Cases?

When someone has suffered personal injuries as a result of the negligence of others, the amount of compensation awarded is largely determined by the nature and extent of the injuries suffered. While the majority of accidents yield only minor bumps and bruises, severe accidents can result in catastrophic consequences for the victims and their loved ones. Regardless of the actual extent of the injuries, the amount of pain or physical discomfort that the injured party experiences is the most compelling factor in determining the amount of damages to be awarded.

It’s important to note that similar types of injuries do not affect everyone in the same manner, and while a particular injury can result in minor surgery and prompt recovery in one individual, the same sort of injury can cause permanent disabilities in another. When severe injuries are incurred, the medical costs will be exponentially higher, and higher amounts of lost income will result due to more extensive time missed from work. Therefore, larger economic damages are likely to be awarded for severe injuries. Severe injuries are typically defined by various criteria, including the specific kind of injury, the need for and length of hospitalization, inability to resume employment and common daily activities expeditiously, and length of recovery and rehabilitation. The mental and emotional consequences of such injuries are also extremely important, and taken into strong consideration when determining the resulting amount of pain and suffering.

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