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Navigating A Boating Accident In Florida

Sunny skies and myriad expansive, cooling waterways make Florida one of the most popular destinations in the country for recreational boating and water sports. But it’s also the site of the most boating accidents in the nation.

In 2020 alone, there were 836 reported boating accidents in Florida. Unfortunately, nearly 80 of those accidents were fatal.

The following are a few of the leading causes of boating accidents in Florida:

  • High volume of vessels on the water at any one time. Just like a roadway, the more vehicles there are, the more likely a collision.
  • Lack of sufficient boater education.
  • Operator distraction.
  • Operator intoxication by alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Mechanical failure.
  • Excessive speed.
  • Unexpected strong winds and dangerous waters.

If not deadly, a boating accident can result in serious injuries including broken bones, a fractured spinal cord, water inhalation leading to lung infection, and traumatic brain injury—all of which can have a lifelong impact on the health, earning potential, and lifestyle of the victim.

Reporting A Boating Accident

According to federal law, there are four circumstances under which reporting a boating accident is required:

  1. A death is involved.
  2. A significant injury is involved (i.e., the injury cannot be addressed with basic first aid).
  3. Someone disappears during the accident, and is assumed to be injured or deceased.
  4. Property damage exceeds $2,000.

The report must be made with either the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement, or the local police.

Accidents involving bodily injury must be reported within 48 hours of the incident, and accidents involving only property damage must be reported within 10 days of the incident.

Types Of Compensation

For the victim of a boating accident-related injury, compensation for the following may be available:

  • Past and future medical bills.
  • Past and future lost wages.
  • Lost earning potential due to the injury.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Prescription medications, medical supplies, physical therapy, etc.
  • Property damage.

How A Florida Boating Accident Attorney Can Help?

If you’ve been injured in a boating accident and are seeking compensation for your damages, you will need to do more than report the accident to the authorities. However, the process of filing a personal injury claim related to a boating accident can be complex, and is best done with the assistance of an experienced boating accident attorney. The attorney will be able to help in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Gather evidence before it is altered, removed, or destroyed.
  • Identify and interview witnesses to the accident.
  • Investigate all aspects of the accident to determine liability.
  • Evaluate the evidence in order to build a strong case for liability.
  • Determine the maximum amount of compensation owed by the liable party.
  • Speak to insurance adjusters on your behalf, ensuring your rights are protected.
  • Find all appropriate and available sources of compensation for your damages.
  • Work with your medical team to understand the economic and psychological impact of your injuries.

Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A.—Hallandale, Florida Boating Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured in a boating accident in Florida, protecting your right to compensation is paramount. By hiring a Florida boating accident lawyer, you can focus on healing from your injuries, rather than on the stress and legal minutiae of your case.

At Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A., you’ll find seasoned boating accident attorneys who are ready and eager to evaluate your case. We serve many cities throughout Florida, including Miramar, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Hallandale Beach, Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

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