Have you ever suffered any injury due to an accident that was caused by a third party? When you do, you will have to know the different rights that are legally yours. However, you may not be able to learn the rules about the claims on personal injury settlements; you will need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who had been exercising his craft in this field of the law.

When considering the benefits from the claim, most people are in a tight spot in knowing how much the claim is really worth. Actually in the USA, there are not many restrictions in the claims provided this is adequately supported with proofs. The burden of proof rests on the experienced lawyer.

In deciding the personal injury claim, there are four major categories that determine the amount or the extent of the compensation.

Q: How much were your expenditures in medical and hospital bills?

A: The first evidence will come from the receipts of your medical and hospital expenses. It is evident that when you sustained injury, there would be medical treatments to be done on you. This will include all your expenses such as medicines and drugs, professional fees and hospital bills. This will also include pharmacy medication. Perhaps, the bulk of the claim will be in this area. This is also the easiest to substantiate. You just have to keep all expense receipts, tally them and the lawyer will present these as prima facie evidence.

Q: What damages to property arose from the accident?

A: If your personal injury has something to do with a vehicular accident or when your motor vehicle is involved, then the two categories will pertain to this. The compensation to be claimed will include the cost of repair of the car or vehicle. In order to fully claim, you have to keep all the repair shop’s invoices and receipts.

Q: How much is your car rental?

A: As your car is being repaired, your need for a vehicle will be solved through car rentals. These are claimable and you should keep all the rental tickets from the car rental company. You can claim the rental fees since this expense is directly related to the accident.

Q: How much income is lost?

A: The bulk of the claim may rest on this lost income factor. Here, you and your lawyer will calculate whatever money you will be able to make had the accident been avoided. The length of time you miss work will be a big factor in the computation of the lost income.

Accidental injury due to the fault of a third person should not be taken for granted. Your first course of action after having been treated for the injuries would be to consult with a personal injury lawyer. Be sure that your attorney is experienced and has been practicing this field with success. The amount of compensation will largely depend on the evidences and the person who is acting in your defense.

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