A premise liability relates to someone getting injured on someone’s property not due to their own negligence. The definition of a “premise” can vary: it could be a house, apartment, condo, parking lot, parking garage, place of business, playground or park. Whatever it is, it is a piece of property owned by someone else.

This type of injury lawsuit can be very tricky, but can be won if you have quality attorneys like Robert Fenstersheib & Associates. The most important aspect of a personal injury lawsuit is proving that the property owner was negligible. If you can do this, you have a solid case. If you are hurt because someone else was negligent with their property, you deserve to be properly compensated. For more information on premise injury lawsuits, here are 3 common types:

1. Slip & Fall:

The “slip and fall” lawsuit is the most common and frequent premises lawsuit. There is no doubt that everyone either knows someone who has had this type of personal injury or has read about this type of lawsuit. These types of lawsuits are consistently found on the news and in the newspapers.Slip and fall lawsuits can happen everywhere from shopping malls to golf courses. They could be caused by loose tile, poorly constructed steps, rough walkways, slippery floors and wrinkled carpets. Although a slip and fall injury seems relatively tame, it could wreak havoc on the lives of others. For example, if an elderly or pregnant woman were to fall on a slippery stretch of tile, there would be far worse ramifications that a sore body.

2. Elevators/Escalators:

I was pretty surprised when a personal injury attorney told me how many injury claims are made because of accidents involving elevators and escalators. Elevator accidents alone injure close to 20,000 people each year, and kill about 30. Escalators injure close to 15,000 people each year.We use elevators and escalators every day, and no machine is reliable enough to be problem free. However, that doesn’t mean that someone who is injured in an elevator or escalator accident shouldn’t be compensated. When building owners don’t properly maintenance their elevators and escalators, people are going to get hurt.

3. Recreational Facilities:

Recreational facility premises lawsuits cover theme parks, water parks, playgrounds and parks. There are numerous things that can go wrong on recreational facilities. Unfortunately, it isn’t entirely uncommon to see a child get injured because of old, rusted playground equipment. Nor is it unheard of for a worn out park bench to collapse under even a normally sized person.When it comes to theme parks, injuries become very severe. Generally, theme park injuries end in catastrophe. Horrible tragedies like falling off of an insecure roller coaster or rolling out of a water slide can, needless to say, have a huge effect on your life. If you are lucky enough to walk away from a theme park or water park related personal injury, you should absolutely seek out a lawyer to get the best compensation possible.

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