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Five Things That Don’t Mix Well With Getting Behind The Steering Wheel

Texting. No matter how much the danger of texting while driving has been publicized, nationwide reports keep mounting about accidents and fatalities resulting from this extremely dangerous activity. Talking on a Cell Phone. We’ve gotten so used to the idea of using the cell phone in our daily life that we forget that doing so in our vehicles prevents us from keeping… Read More →

Concussions In Car Crashes Often Go Unnoticed And Unreported

Thousands of people are involved in automobile, motorcycle and trucking accidents each year in the State of Florida. Many types of traumatic brain injuries can result from vehicular accidents, concussions being one of the most prevalent. If concussions are minor, however, they can go undetected, and minor concussions can still have a long-term impact, even months after an accident, that… Read More →

Allow Yourself The Proper Time To Get There Without Speeding

Current statistics reveal that automobile accidents happen with alarming frequency in Florida – there’s a crash every 10 seconds, and close to 5 people die every hour. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is not only a major contributing factor in vehicle accidents nationwide, but also results in a higher percentage of fatalities when crashes occur.… Read More →

How Are Settlements Determined In Vehicular Accident Cases?

There are four major categories that determine the amount or extent of the compensation in deciding a personal injury claim resulting from a vehicular accident. The first is the amount of money spent on medical treatments, which will include all related expenses – such as medicines and drugs, professional fees and hospital bills. The second is damages to property –… Read More →

5 Things Every Car Accident Report Should Include

When you’re in a car accident, file an immediate report. Even if you’re not injured on the scene, physical side effects could appear later on. Your vehicle could also suffer “hidden” damages that show up days or weeks after the crash. Once the police arrive on the scene, provide enough detail to build a sufficient case, if and when you… Read More →

Lessen Your Odds Of Being Involved In An Auto Accident In South Florida

Over 5 million auto accidents happen annually in American roads, resulting in injuries (many with permanent disabilities) to more than 3 million people, and over 40,000 fatalities. Unfortunately, car accidents will continue to happen as long as people continue to drive, but we can all use some common sense behavior to lessen the odds of being involved in a crash.… Read More →

Have You Suffered Burn Injuries In An Accident In South Florida?

While residential fires are the most common cause of burn injuries in the United States, these injuries can also result from a variety of reasons, such as car, motorcycle, boat or airplane crashes, contact with electronic devices or unexpected hot substances, inadequate wiring and defective products, among many possibilities. Almost half a million people annually suffer the consequences of burn… Read More →

Is it worth it to secure legal help for a “minor” auto accident?

Minor “fender benders” in South Florida often result in negligible property damages, but it is never safe to assume that simple accidents result in fair outcomes. Vehicle occupants in such accidents, for instance, could have been injured, but the injuries were not immediately apparent at the time of the collision. Insurance company adjusters are not necessarily agreeable with these premises,… Read More →

Car Accidents in Bad Weather Conditions

Driving in poor conditions can cause serious auto accidents. Car after car can crash into each other because of lowered range of sight and lowered grip of the car. I’m sure you have seen a lot of car accidents videos and picture which illustrate this scenario. Especially when the winter comes, the main suspect for causes of car accidents is… Read More →

Motorcycle Accidents in South Florida

As you would have probably guessed, motorcyclists face a lot more danger when driving on the road. They are not protected by the body of the car as other drivers, which is what makes them so vulnerable. And when this is combined with the negligence of other drivers around them, the results can be catastrophic. Most often, motorcycle accidents result… Read More →

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