Memorial Day – Celebrate With A Plan!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Families and friends gather together for a picnic or barbecue. However, it’s important to celebrate safely, alcohol has become very common at most occasions as a tool to celebrate. Thus please remember, blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more is the qualifier for drunk driving. Much smaller levels can still put people at an increased risk of accidents. Alcohol is a substance that reduces the function of the brain, impairing thinking, reasoning and muscle coordination. One-third of all traffic crash fatalities in the United States involve drunk driving and one person is killed every 51 minutes by a drunk driver on our Nation’s roadways.

Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive, even if you’ve had one alcoholic beverage. Have a designated driver, call a taxi, a rideshare provider or plan to use public transportation to get home safely. DUI can set you back thousands of dollars in attorney fees, fines, court costs, lost time at work, higher insurance rates, repairs, and more.

So do yourself – and those around you – a major favor: if you drink, don’t drive. It’s that simple. And if you, unfortunately, have suffered injuries in a vehicular accident due to the negligence of others, contact Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A., toll-free, at 1-800-TellRobert. We have over three decades of experience in vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and personal injury cases, and we will evaluate your options free of charge and advise you of the necessary steps to secure your legal rights. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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