6 Reasons It Pays To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Home to endless beaches and entertainment, Hallandale Beach and major cities in Florida attract millions of visitors every year. Whether you find yourself dining and dancing in Fort Lauderdale, strolling the sands of West Palm Beach, braving the rides and water parks of Orlando, or seeing the cultural sites of Tampa, there’s one thing the Sunshine State can’t offer: protection from injury.

Hundreds of thousands of people get injured in Florida every year, and many of these injuries are serious if not life-altering. Unfortunately, far too many people never receive the compensation they’re entitled to, either because they don’t think they have a good personal injury claim, or because they try to handle it on their own, without the help of a personal injury attorney.

Does Every Single Injury Warrant Legal Assistance?

No, but many do. And consulting with a lawyer who handles personal injury cases day in and day out is never a bad idea.

Let’s flesh out some reasons you might want to hire a Florida personal injury lawyer.

Top 6 Reasons It Makes Sense To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

1.  A careful evaluation of your specific situation. A quick internet search can yield a ton of information – and a whole lot of misinformation along with it. Generalizations that seem to fit your situation might not, and the smallest assumptions can lead you to believe you don’t have a viable personal injury claim. But what if 30 quick minutes with a Florida personal injury lawyer could translate to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket?

Whether you ultimately choose to hire or forgo an attorney for your personal injury, a single conversation with one can provide you with new insights, and a straightforward perspective on your situation. Suddenly, it’ll be a whole lot easier to decide whether you want to pursue a personal injury claim. 

2. Finding the strong case in an otherwise weak one. If you have your doubts about whether the circumstances of your injury warrant a full-blown legal case, you might be onto something. But this only highlights another benefit of talking with an experienced personal injury lawyer: the possibility of building a strong case from a weak one. The key lies in knowing what evidence to look for, capturing it before it’s altered or removed, and knowing how to leverage it to your advantage.

3. No cost to you, unless you win. No one wants to dish out money when the result of doing so is uncertain, especially when they might already be missing work and watching the medical bills pile up. Here’s the good news: most personal injury lawyers won’t charge anything upfront, or anything at all for that matter, unless you win your case. The attorney fee for handling your personal injury case will be based on a percentage of your overall settlement.

4. A greater likelihood of a higher settlement. Not only will you pay nothing unless you win, if you do win, the chances of obtaining the maximum settlement possible skyrocket. This isn’t speculation; it’s a statistical fact that personal injury claimants who are represented by a lawyer are offered higher settlement awards than those who try to represent themselves.

5. Room to relax. A good deal of emotional objectivity is required to successfully pursue a personal injury claim. And it doesn’t matter how strong or resilient you are; being the subject of an injury caused by someone else’s negligence is an inherently emotional experience.

You feel frustrated, wronged, and anxious – understandably so. To carry that emotional weight while not only trying to recover physically, but also proving the gravity of your situation to powerful insurance companies determined to disprove it, is a feat no one should have to attempt. As soon as you hire a personal injury lawyer, you can sleep soundly knowing your case is in competent hands.

6. Access to the right medical care, sooner. A crucial element of physical recovery is timing: the sooner you receive the right medical care, the better off you’ll be. What does this have to do with lawyers? Experienced personal injury lawyers will have handled many cases similar to yours, and will therefore have a good idea of what type of care you need, and which medical professionals can provide it.

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Whether you or someone you love has been injured in Florida, it’s critical to consider these top 6 reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

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