A slip on a spill in a grocery store. An auto accident. A dog bite. A defective piece of equipment.

All of these could lead to a valid personal injury claim, but none can guarantee that fair compensation will actually be delivered to the injured party. Why is this?

There are many factors at play in a personal injury case, but one of the main reasons so few claimants receive fair compensation has to do with insurance companies and their adjusters. The problem is that it is never in the insurance company’s best interest to pay claimants what they deserve, and it is always the insurance adjuster’s job to do what is in the best interests of the company — not you, the claimant.

To compound this problem, most insurance companies have powerful resources at their disposal to ensure that at the end of the day, they continue to make significant profits. This leaves injured parties like you with barely enough money to pay their medical bills or make up for lost wages during their recovery time.

The cards are stacked against single claimants who are not only unaccustomed to the world of personal injury law and insurance, but just trying to get their life and health back on track after their injury.

So, what’s the solution?

In almost every case, the solution is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who has a reputation of being a fighter for their clients — one who never backs down in the face of a large and powerful insurance company.

As soon as an insurance adjuster sees that you have already hired quality legal representation, they will know that their typical tactics and lowball offers won’t work.

Meanwhile, you’ll be saving time, money, and stress. Let’s get into why:

#1 Time. When filing a personal injury claim against an insurance company, two things are very common: the insurance company will delay responding or making payments, or will altogether deny the claim.

Delaying is a strategy often used by insurance companies in an attempt to make the claimant more desperate for monetary compensation, and therefore more likely to accept whatever they’re offered (including amounts well below the true value of their case).

It’s also common for insurance companies to simply deny a claim, forcing the claimant to either give up and move on without any compensation, or begin the long and difficult appeals process.

In either case, the undeniable result for the claimant is the expenditure of more time, which few people have enough of to begin with.

A personal injury attorney can help get the response you need from the insurance company—and in a timely manner. An attorney can also make sure that you are aware of the penalties that an insurance company can face as a result of ignoring a claim.

Additionally, a personal injury attorney can usually prevent a claim from being denied, or at least deal seamlessly with the appeals process in the event that there is a denial. This is because the right personal injury attorney will know where to look for the most compelling evidence that supports your claim, and how to access it.

Attorneys in the personal injury space are trained to prove both liability and damages, which are essential elements to a successful personal injury claim.

#2 Money. Insurance adjusters are notorious for offering lowball settlements to claimants right away — before they’ve had a chance to retain or even speak to legal counsel. This is intentional: it is in the interests of the insurance companies for injured parties to accept a settlement offer before they know the potential value of their claim. And as soon as papers are signed, it’s a done deal.

An experienced personal injury attorney will not only ensure that their client does not sign anything prematurely OR accept a lowball offer, but also increase the value of the case itself. How so?

Often, the value of a case can be increased by collecting as much evidence as possible, and employing very strong negotiation skills, which every good personal injury lawyer should have.

Ultimately, this means more money in your pocket.

#3 Stress. In addition to saving time and money, having a personal injury attorney working in your corner means you’ll be saving yourself the stress of having to speak with all of the parties involved in the case, and having to defend your right to compensation. Your attorney will handle this for you, so you can simply focus on getting better.

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