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Trick-Or-Treat, Make Sure A Fun Halloween Is A Safe Halloween!

It’s that magical and exiting time of the year once more for hungry goblins, elves and witches, and while just about everyone enjoys trick or treating, it’s important to remember that Halloween can be one of the most dangerous holidays for kids of all ages. Pedestrian injuries are the most common injuries to kids and teens on Halloween. Following are some simple and easy-to-follow rules to help make this holiday as safe as possible for all:

  • Make flashlights available to both the children and the accompanying adults, and choose brightly colored costumes and/or reflective patches to increase visibility. Avoid masks if possible because they can limit or block eyesight.
  • Parents or responsible adults should accompany children at all times on their neighborhood rounds – no child or group of children should ever go trick or treating alone.
  • Walk only on sidewalks, and obey all pedestrian and traffic laws, do not assume the right of way. Drivers may have trouble seeing Trick-Or-Treaters, especially if they wear dark costumes. Just because one car stops, does not mean all will stop – careless drivers represent the major threats for little ones.
  • Warn children not to consume any treats while trick-or-treating; tell them to wait until they have been taken home and inspected by parents or adults in charge.

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